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Our Mission

In plain words: why do we exist

Our mission is to make online shopping more enjoyable by delivering customers personalized shopping experiences.

Tens of thousands of online retailers across the globe use Nosto to recommend highly relevant products to their customers in real-time across their entire shopping journey.

Nosto Founders

The Story

How it all came together

Nosto was founded in 2011 by Juha Valvanne, Antti Pöyhönen and Jani Luostarinen, three Finns who came together with a shared vision.

As an e-commerce advisor for online stores and as a founder of several successful online stores Juha was tired of seeing online merchants struggling with existing online marketing tools.

At the same time, elsewhere in Finland, Antti, who had spent the past 10 years building e-commerce platforms, had invented a way to provide merchants with a live view on what was happening on the online store.

And Jani, an expert at cloud computing and getting results out of big data, was working on an infrastructure that could serve millions of online stores and visitors.


Forging the Idea

From ideas to execution

The three of them came together and hatched an idea. What if they could build a personalization solution that was truly platform-independent and available to online retailers without requiring any backend integration? Something that was as easy to add to their stores as Google Analytics. It sounded exciting, but they knew it wouldn’t be easy. A solution like that had never been built before – it’s full of technical obstacles and challenges – but if they could make it work, it could have a huge impact on helping online retailers succeed. As so, they decided to give it a go. Crazy Finns.

After building the initial product prototype with different technologies seven times in a row, failing one time after another, they finally hit on the “secret sauce”. They built a prototype of the product, validated it with a bunch of stores, and thus their platform-independent solution was invented.

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The Invention

Being unique

It wasn’t long before the guys realized they had invented something unique - something that could scale to serve masses of online stores globally, so they turned the idea into a business. Together they co-founded Nosto, which has changed the online marketing automation business forever.

In September 2013, Nosto launched the first version of their product into general availability. This was the first e-commerce personalization solution in the world that was offered as self service: any merchant could go to and start using the solution. And in the space of just a few months Nosto was being used by hundreds of stores worldwide.

Today, millions of people across every continent experience personalized content provided by Nosto.


Technological Brilliance

Let us take care of the gory details

Our powerful technology makes it simple for online retailers to start benefiting from the power of marketing automation. With Nosto, you can be up & running with our products and industry best practices the same day you sign up.

From small business owners to global retail brands, Nosto provides all the tools and products you need to transform the online shopping experience for your customers. Our patent-pending implementation makes adding Nosto to your store “as quick and easy as Google Analytics” and with our rich out-of-the-box feature set we transform what has traditionally been a complicated IT project into a simple plug and play process. Put simply, we take care of the hard technical work, so you can focus on running your online store!


On Journey for Big Data

How can you benefit from what you already know

Leveraging the power of big data and behavioral algorithms, Nosto tracks and analyzes the behavior of every store visitor in granular detail. With a simple, plug-and-play solution, Nosto then provides merchants with powerful tools that use this data to deliver compelling customer experiences, tailoring their store to each individual and realizing the full potential of their online business.

Nosto provides elegant solutions that set new standards for online marketing. With Nosto you can build a more responsive, personalized and dynamic, online store that will increase conversion and store revenues as a result.

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Partner Network Like no Other

Your personal safety net

With Nosto, all our customers have access to our international partner network, providing you with any service from design and development to consultation and optimization in order to maximize your online sales.

Nosto. Enjoy Online Shopping.

And as part of our commitment to providing the best-in-class ecommerce personalization solution, our team rolls out great new products and enhancements on a daily basis to all our clients to make shopping more personal and more enjoyable.


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