The 6 Layers of Effective Product Recommendations

A 2015 study by VentureBeat states that 75% of “digital natives” expect personalized shopping experiences. Not a real shocker, since personalized shopping experiences have become a hot ticket in the world of online retail. Customers enjoy being swooned with items … Continued

3 ways to use an abandoned cart to your advantage

Given the amount of work that goes into getting the few shoppers that make it this far to do so, it isn’t surprising that those trolleys full of both virtual products and hope, can feel precious beyond belief. We have even explored … Continued

How to craft a kick-ass ecommerce cart page

The cart page – the destination to which all your previous efforts have been directed. You’ve created an enticing and easy to navigate home page and made sure your product page is fair, representative and encourages your customers to journey … Continued