How Nosto works

Nosto’s Personalization Engine leverages the power of big data to build a deep understanding of your store and every visitor interacting with it, allowing us to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant recommendations at any time, anywhere- maximizing conversion, average order value and customer retention.
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Nosto’s Personalization

Big data gets personal.

Nosto’s Personalization Engine consists of three core layers: the product graph, the customer profiling layer and the revenue optimization layer. These layers work together to build up a detailed picture of each store, updated with every interaction. The power of our engine comes from the fact that we are constantly optimizing how to combine these three layers based on a unique analysis of each store at the exact moment a visitor interacts with it.

  • The Product Graph

    Nosto uses proprietary algorithms to analyze how visitors to your store interact with your products, automatically determining relationships between every product on your store.

  • Customer Profiling Layer

    Creates rich behavioral profiles for every shopper, based on their past and present interactions with your site, providing true 1:1 personalization.

  • Revenue Optimization Layer

    Looks at the past performance of items and ranks them in terms of the expected revenue. This data is then combined with the customer behavior data to predict, how much revenue an item is likely to generate.

  • Merchandizing Rules

    Advanced merchandizing rules give you the power to customize the logic of the recommendations and underlying algorithms to help you achieve your specific business goals.

Powerful Personalization. Made easy.

Continuous learning. Continuous optimization.

With a rapidly growing community of over 20,000 ecommerce professionals using Nosto across the globe, we are able to leverage vasts amounts of data to uncover deep insights into what drives successful shopping experiences.

Running tests across millions of daily visitors we know which personalization strategies work best for which kind of retailers and are continuously improving our algorithms to improve the performance on your store. ...and this will only get better over time. As our community grows, the faster our learning will become allowing you to benefit from the latest in personalization technology at all times. Nosto has completely transformed the way personalization technology integrates with ecommerce stores. Whilst traditional personalization solutions require a complicated, costly back-end integration, Nosto can be added to any site with just a few snippets of code, or a 1-click download of our module, allowing retailers to get up and running with personalization in days rather than months. This is where our patents lie and the reason we’re the fastest-growing personalization solution in the world today.


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Our easy-to-use interface has been designed with busy marketers and commerce professionals in mind, allowing you to create, launch and optimize multi-channel personalization campaigns in minutes, without the need of IT support.

Removing the reliance on additional code not only gives you the power to move fast in the ever-changing world of commerce but naturally reduces the total cost of ownership too. And with Nosto’s Real-time Analytics we enable you to track the performance of your personalization campaigns right down to the individual recommendation metrics - all the data you need to make intelligent decisions on how to optimize for improved performance.

We give you full control over which recommendations to display

One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Nosto’s advanced Merchandizing Rules give you the power to customize the logic of the recommendations and underlying algorithms to help you achieve your specific business goals.

We give you full control over which recommendations to display to which target audience and make it easy for you to customize the design for any channel. And with our API we enable you to extend the power of Nosto’s personalization to even more channels. Integrate Nosto seamlessly with your mobile app or within your offline store and track customers across their entire shopping journey for a single view of the customer.

Built by a team of engineers and data scientists with years of experience in commerce.