Pricing that scales with your business

No setup costs. No fixed fees. Nosto simply takes a small % of the revenue we help you generate. Go live today with 14 days free - no credit card required.

Nosto Pricing

Your monthly online sales


Sales generated by Nosto

$ / month

Nosto fee
(4 % of the sales generated by Nosto)

$ / month

Pricing estimate is based on Nosto delivering 10% of sales.

  • How Nosto’s Pricing Works

    We simply take a small percentage of the sales we help you generate.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

    A sale is attributed to Nosto if a customer sees or clicks a product ad generated by Nosto on Facebook and then during the same day (24 hours) makes a purchase. Nosto takes 3% of the revenue we help you generate through Facebook ads. Learn more
  • Onsite Product Recommendations

    A sale is attributed to Nosto if a customer clicks on a product recommendation generated by Nosto and then, in the same session, purchases the same product that was recommended by Nosto. Learn more
  • Onsite Pop-ups

    A sale is attributed to Nosto if a customer interacts with a pop-up generated by Nosto and collects a coupon code (regardless of whether or not it is redeemed) and in the same session, makes a purchase. Learn more
  • Personalized Emails (Triggered Emails & Email Widgets)

    A sale is attributed to Nosto when a customer receives an email which is generated by Nosto, and through clicking the email content, arrives to Customer Online Store. Then, within 24 hours, the customer clicks the email content and makes a purchase on Customer Online Store. Learn more

Growing Businesses

With a robust infrastructure and flexible pricing plans, Nosto is trusted by the world’s leading global brands and works with any e-commerce platform. Our pricing model scales as you do. With no minimum spend or commitments, we tie our success to yours.

20,000+ ecommerce professionals worldwide put their trust in our solution. Nosto’s marketing platform gives you the tools you need to connect your customers with your products and build a relationship that lasts.

Platform agnostic and highly customizable

Nosto works with any ecommerce platform. We make it easy for retailers to customize their setup to suit their technology and business needs, including seamless integrations with third party solutions.

Integrated, omnichannel personalization

Deliver your customers personalized shopping experiences wherever they are. Nosto empowers multi-channel retailers with a single platform that drives personalization across all touchpoints: onsite, on mobile, in-store and within emails.

Transparent, performance-based pricing

Nosto’s pricing scales with your business. There are no setup costs and no fixed fees. Nosto simply takes a small % of the revenue we help you generate.

Fair Attribution

As Nosto is focused on empowering retailers to succeed, we simply take a small percentage of the sales that our products help you to generate.

We have logically grouped our products together so that when a visitor interacts with both products in one group, only the sale generated by the product that was most recently interacted with is counted towards the Nosto fee. Therefore, it always makes sense to adopt an entire group:

1. Onsite Pop-ups & Onsite Product Recommendations
2. Facebook & Instagram Ads
3. Triggered Emails & Email Widgets

Need help getting started?

Nosto is committed to helping you grow your business. We have an entire team dedicated to Customer Success, so whether you need technical support or advice on the best personalization setup for your store our team is always on hand to help.

Get started

Nosto is trusted by the world’s leading global brands

  • TheIconic

    "Overall, Nosto is an excellent product and from a developer perspective, I’ve found the team invaluable in helping us get the best out of the product. I would have no hesitation recommending the system to other eCommerce providers."

    Aaron Weatherall, Senior Software Engineer at The Iconic

    Download case study here.

Answers to your questions

  • What does 14-day Free Trial mean?

    Enjoy 14 days of free unlimited access to all Nosto features and products to find out how Nosto can help you and get familiar with how things work. Start your free trial today here. No credit card required.
  • What happens after the free trial ends?

    You won’t lose any of the work you have done, but Nosto recommendations will not be anymore shown on your site. You go again live with Nosto when you have agreed to pay for the service by filling in your payment details.
  • What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel at any time. You’ll be billed only for your sales through Nosto, but never again once you have stopped using Nosto. Nosto is a pay-as-you-go service and doesn’t require any long-term commitment.
  • How does the sign-up process work?

    You can sign up simply with your email and start using Nosto today to deliver personalized recommendations. No credit card required. You can sign up here.
  • How do I install Nosto?

    You just add a small snippet of JavaScript to your website, or use some of the plugins that enables you to go live with 1 click. See the list of available platform connectors and plugins here.
  • How do I uninstall Nosto?

    You can simply remove the script from your store, or disable Nosto from the Admin Panel. Nosto is a pay-as-you-go service and doesn’t require any long-term commitment.
  • When do I pay the fees?

    We bill you on a monthly basis and you have the freedom cancel your account whenever you want.
  • What are my payment options?

    You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you want to pay with other payment methods, please contact our support.
  • Do I need web designer skills?

    Pick a pre-designed template or use the designer tools create beautiful templates for your on-site recommendations or emails. Our responsive templates make your recommendations and emails look great on mobile devices, too.
  • What can I do with the APIs and SDKs?

    An API (Application Programming Interface) lets applications speak to each other. You can use APIs to exchange data between systems, for example to connect with your other sales channels such as brick n mortar store, mobile store or POS system, or to include personalization in your newsletters. If you are interested in using our API to extend Nosto’s functionality, please contact our support.
  • Integrate with services you already use

    Nosto integrates with hundreds of other web services, and our team is building connector kits with the most used other services to help you succeed. You can request a connector kit here.
  • Will my data be private and safe?

    YES. Our service allows secure HTTP access (HTTPS) so that you can establish secure communication sessions using SSL/TLS. The infrastructure is housed in AWS’s highly secure data centers, which utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. External access to our infrastructure is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls which are configured according to industry best practice. We restrict our employees’ access to your data and require Multi-factor authentication as an extra layer of protection.