Personalized Facebook & Instagram Ads

The fastest, easiest way to deliver personalized advertising to a marketplace of over 2.5 billion people.

Personalized Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram have a combined total of over 2.5 billion monthly active users and Nosto's easy-to-use Campaign Creation Wizard allows for dual placement of your Dynamic Product Ads on both platforms or just one at a time.

No setup costs! In addition, enjoy our real-time analytics and transparent pricing that scales with your business. We work with thousands of retailers worldwide to grow their businesses and delight their customers.

Did you know?

Nosto’s Personalized Facebook & Instagram Ads generate on average a 12x ROAS.

Attract new customers

Best seller product ads

Best seller product ads

Tempt customers away from the Facebook conversation and to your store by highlighting real-time trending items. Once customers are on site, keep them there with automatically optimized landing pages that also give popular items priority.

Demographic targeting

Attract the right customers for your business by displaying prospecting ad campaigns to a predefined demographic - including options for interests, location, age, gender and device.

Lookalike targeting

Drive quality traffic to your site by displaying your best selling product to people with highly similar profiles to those of your current customer base.

Custom targeting

Create your own custom targeting campaign based on parameters which best suit your business.

Re-target lost customers

Personal re-engagement ads

Personal re-engagement ads

Target customers who have visited your store previously by recommending products picked just for them based on their previous shopping behavior.

Abandoned cart recovery ads

Abandoned cart recovery ads

Encourage shoppers who selected items but didn’t quite make it to checkout by recommending products related to what they had in their cart.

Post-purchase ads

Post-purchase ads

Encourage converted customers to continue their spree by suggesting items that are relevant to what they have already bought.

Ok, so you believe in Facebook Ads...

But why Nosto?

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    Setup, Automation and

    We offer a one-click installation (or adding just a few snippets of code) to your ecommerce platform, automated product uploads and Facebook and Instagram pixel positioning, and a simplified and user-friendly ad creation.

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    Increased ROAS

    We deliver personalized product recommendations in real-time with Nosto’s proprietary machine learning algorithms. We also have a patented cutting-edge sharing of product and user data with Facebook and Instagram and offer continuous management and optimization of your product feed and Facebook and Instagram pixel events and APIs.

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    Maximize Customer Lifetime Value and online sales

    We increase conversions with personalized onsite Product Recommendations and Behavioral Pop-ups as well as increase first-time conversions with discount pop-ups only for users who land on your site by clicking on your Facebook and Instagram ads. In addition, we offer retargeting with emails and/or additional Facebook and Instagram ads of shoppers who have recently visited your store, abandoned their shopping cart, or purchased something from you.

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We have seen great results with the Nosto personalized Facebook ads. The CPO was way lower then expected and the conversion rate was great. Everything is easy to set up and we believe this is the perfect way to promote via FB."
Johan Åkerström, Marketing Manager at

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