Nosto AI Beer

What do Ecommerce and beer have in common? Nothing.
Except that we’re a fan of both.

As a team who loves brewing beer as much as drinking it, crafting the perfect brew is a task our team does not take lightly. Our latest challenge: to brew a beer that represents our company culture, possesses character and satisfies the geekiest beer enthusiasts (likely people like you who stumbled upon this random beer page...)

To get us there, we turned to the most important ingredient that fuels the very nature of our business: Data. We sourced our team’s beer preferences to understand what they look for in a perfect post-work brew—from bitterness to ABV. Together with our friends at Stadin Panimo, we selected ingredients that we feel best represent our team: data-driven developers, ambitious designers and thirsty commerce professionals.

Have we cracked the code on brewing a completely AI-powered beer? We’re getting there! We acknowledge that the data set used for our latest beer recipe, and our overall methodology, still has a ways to go. For this reason, we decided to name our new beer Cold Start: our first of many data-driven brews to come. Cheers!