Cold Start
Released in 2019

How does one even *make* an AI-powered beer?”, you ask? Check out our journey to brining Cold Start to life.


• Amber
• Pilsner
• Pale Ale

aroma hops:

• Enigma
• HPA-035

California Pale Ale
Released in 2018

We’re proud to introduce our Limited Edition International Collection: unique blends that celebrate our offices around the world. From the California surf to the nature of the Nordics, each blend honors the culture and flavor of its home city.

Special Edition IPA
Released in 2017

We believe that milestones should be celebrated properly. So to commemorate the opening of our new offices in Paris and Los Angeles, as well as welcoming our 100th employee to the Nosto family, we brewed this delicious victory beer.

Limited Edition Lager
Released in 2017

Our company, like our first limited-edition beer, has certain characteristics: Finnish roots with an international twist, and ingredients that give you a little “lift” (which, by the way, is what Nosto means in our mother tongue). The perfect thing for after work refreshments, celebratory drinks or kalsarikännit (drinking at home alone in your underwear).


• Pilsner
• Pale Ale
• Vienna
• Münic
• Cara Pale

aroma hops:

• Cascade
• Citra

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Planning for anything after the year that changed everything 〰️ Join Zehner's Chief Design Officer, Mick McCarthy, and Nosto's General Manager, Jan Soerensen, on Thursday, Jan 28th as part of Nosto’s Connect Commerce series. Sign-up to attend the webinar live and to get on-demand access to a recording at the link in bio! ...

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Throwback Thursday -The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 by Sue Townsend
I thought this book was amazing and hilarious as a teenager ,read it a few times.I used to reread books when I was younger but can’t reread books now.
#adrianmole #thesecretdiary #suetownsend #memories #childhoodbook #nostolife #mychildhoodreading #nostalgia #throwbackthursday #tbt #readwithemmaandsons

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Celebrating our friendship with a company paid dinner 😍 So perfect! Nosto would not be as great without you there Titti! #nostolife ...

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