10 must-follow ecommerce Twitter accounts

Twitter – an excellent resource for cat videos but a terrible place to hang out if you’re trying to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers. But, felines and tv commentary aside, what else can this social network offer you?

Well, when used correctly social media can be more than a way to waste 10 minutes as you drink your morning coffee. It can, dare we say it, be a business tool – a way to build your network, join industry conversations and consume invaluable business information. But, for this to be the case you need to be following (in the non-stalky sense of the word) the right companies and people.

Don’t worry, if your Twitter feed looks more like a who’s who of Z-list celebs, I have just the thing for you – my go to list of-must follow ecommerce relevant accounts!

Tweet on!


1. Linda Bustos

If you haven’t heard of Linda then I’m not sure where you have been hiding. Self-described “Ecommerce junkie”, she was previously the writer of legendary ecommerce blog GetElastic. Since then she has gone on to co-found ecommerce strategy and technology consulting company Edgacent. And if that wasn’t enough she has also started a new blog called Ecommerce Illustrated (which has an upcoming book – watch this space). Basically if Linda doesn’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing. Not to mention her excellent Twitter GIF usage!

Bonus tip: Her current pinned tweet is a free, ungated ebook on ecommerce merchandising- so what are you waiting for?

Follow Linda


2. Peep Laja

Since we started this blog writing about ecommerce legends it seems only right that we continue with Peep Laja, Founder of ConversionXL – which, if it isn’t one of your go-to resources on the web already, should be added to your bookmarks immediately. Now, if you want a constant stream of actionable and business changing advice, commentary and blogs then this is the Twitter account for you- both Peep and his Twitter are prolific. Not only that, but in his Twitter bio he promises “to call your bullshit” something that, in the business world, I think we can all agree to be useful!

Follow Peep

3. Richard Lazazzera

Even if you think you haven’t heard this name (and I would be surprised if that was the case), I can pretty much guarantee it’s been attached to at least one ecommerce article you’ve read. The good news is not only does Richard write very useful blogs and articles (check out his site A Better Lemonade Stand), but he shares them on his Twitter account too! And not just his, but also the best of what other people are saying on the subject! Add to that some inspirational quotes (just check out the Will Smith one in the photo above), and you have a winning mix.

Follow Richard

4. Armando Roggio

If you were in any doubt as to what Armando, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce for D&B Supply, is going to be tweeting about then his Twitter handle should be a clue – @EcommerceBoy is not mucking about! Not with 4,200 published articles under his belt, anyway. And the impressive numbers don’t stop there. Armando also has 19,300 tweets to his name and 10,300 followers. But, of course, it’s about quality rather than quantity- and that’s what’s earned him a spot on our list. Whether the tips he is sharing are from him or his vast network, there is no such thing as an unproductive day when he is on your Twitter list!

Follow Armando

5. Paul Rogers

Finally one for the British contingent! Paul, as the name implies, is the author of Paulnrogers.com and has made a name for himself with his extensive Magento and SEO expertise. He has also previously written for the Nosto blog, offering ecommerce reflections and predictions for the future! His tweets are a mixture of all of the above – with a spot of football mixed in. What’s not to enjoy?!

Follow Paul

6. Rand Fishkin

Aside from having a fantastic name and a pretty amazing moustache, Rand is the founder of Moz– a software rocking the SEO and inbound world! And a huge resource centre for anyone interested in either of those topics. Rand’s own Twitter bio described his tweets as being focused on ‘marketing, SEO, technology, & startups’, and quite rightly so- he is up there with the most authoritative voices in these areas! Read, enjoy, learn!

Fun fact:Rand’s job title on LinkedIn is ‘Wizard of Moz’- which, in my books, would have been enough to get him on this list alone! Never mind the huge, successful business and amazing technical expertise…

Follow Rand

7. Ashley Friedlein

Econsultancy is one of my favourite ecommerce resources – if you’ve ever read my weekly ecommerce round-up you’ll probably have noticed! So, it makes sense that I’m a fan of their founder Ashley Friedlein also. And with good reason. Ashley mixes ecommerce lessons, industry curation and his own writing with tweets of his personal opinions – and it always makes for an individual and interesting read!

Follow Ashley

8. Neil Patel

Entrepreneur, technologist and founder of Crazy Egg – Neil is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the do’s and dont’s of the virtual world. And if his CV wasn’t proof enough, then his Twitter page definitely is! If you want a constant stream of relevant, insightful and actionable content (which, let’s face it, is even better than cat videos) then this is the profile for you. Thank me later.

Follow Neil

9. Joe Pulizzi

Ok, so Joe isn’t strictly ecommerce focused, but he is pretty much a demi-god when it comes to the content marketing world. And you know what is one of the biggest trends for ecommerce brand right now? You got it, content marketing! Which is why Joe is rightly taking up his spot on this list. Get to grips with this trend- one of the most valuable but hard to master marketing tactics of today- by following him right now!

Follow Joe

10. Sandy Hussain

Sandy is the founder & CEO of Fashion Digital, one of the must-attend events for those in the fashion vertical! But, whether you are in the fashion world or not, her expertise on ecommerce is invaluable and her passion for the subject inspiring. And this is all reflected on her Twitter page which is full of tips, news and, yes, occasionally funny videos (hoorah!).

Follow Sandy

And one for luck…


Not a person, admittedly, and a little cheeky maybe- but I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find a quote somewhere that says self-promotion is a good thing (feel free to tweet them at me if you do find one). So, what will you find if you do follow us? Plenty of content on our favourite topic of personalization, but also actionable tips and content for every other area of your business as well! We tweet with one purpose- to make you succeed (and occasionally to give away a drone, but that’s another topic).

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What are your must-follow Twitter accounts? Tweet them to me @LottieColtman or let me know in the comments!

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