5 tips to improve your ecommerce site with live chat

Did you know that 64% of consumers now expect live chat to be available via websites on their mobile devices? It’s true! And that’s just mobile, imagine what that figure must be for desktop. Live chat has rapidly increased in popularity in the past few years. Why? You may ask. Well it improves the customer’s […]

Product photography in ecommerce – the stores that do it best.

When you step into a bricks and mortar store and explore the selection of products at hand, it is only natural to want to use all of your senses to study them. First, you select the product you are interested in according to visual cues. Then you might pick it up- examining its weight, the material and the […]

How To Beat The Curse of January Returns

*A Lesson from the Nosto Ultimate Ecommerce Q1 Survival Guide* The season to eat, drink and merry is unfortunately over. And a lot of us are feeling the effects. Clothes a little tighter, bank accounts a little emptier and, if you are a merchant, a flurry of returned gifts coming back to your store.