Prepare for Q1: Acquire new customers by personalizing your advertising efforts

While you want to bring old customers back to your store, you don’t want to give up on attracting new customers altogether. The problem is competition is fierce and with many other companies experiencing the Q1 dip, it is only going to get fiercer, with everyone pulling out all the stops. Standing out from the […]

Prepare for Q1: Increase customer retention with triggered emails

While you may find that the sales keep the crowds coming in January, February is normally a much quieter time – with revenue shown to be at the lowest for the entire year. But with it being approximately 50% easier to sell to existing customers than to brand new prospects your existing customer base could be […]

Prepare for Q1: Rise above the noise with personalized emails

When surveyed 52% of people said that they felt overwhelmed by the number of bargain-promoting emails they receive on a daily basis, which isn’t surprising with over half of all emails received being of a promotional nature. So, at a time when many online stores are using the same boastful sale tactics to lure customers […]

Prepare for Q1: Increase conversion by creating a sense of urgency in your store

Sometimes we all need that little extra push across the line – whether it is getting up in the morning, deciding what film to watch, or treating yourself to that new watch you’ve had your eye on. Communicating with your customers at the pivotal moment can mean the difference between a shopper who walks away […]

Prepare for Q1: With tactics for excess stock

The changing of the seasons can mean that ecommerce merchants face an excess of old stock that is no longer of priority to shoppers. This causes problems for a number of reasons- not only is cash flow tied up by these products but they also take up space in your storage (and on your site). […]

The Nosto Q1 survival guide – 10 tips to make sure you are prepared for 2017

The start of the new year can signal a host of obstacles for those in the ecommerce business. According to our data, online retailers see a 36% drop in revenue from the dizzying heights of the festive season, with this figure sinking even further during February, when revenue sits at 14% less than the yearly […]