Looking into the virtual crystal ball: Ecommerce trends for 2017

When I started my first online store in 2003, the Internet was a very different place. Facebook was still just a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye, there was no such thing as YouTube (meaning the world was a much poorer place in terms of cat videos) and ecommerce, although in existence, was predominantly a frustrating experience […]

Make Q1 work for you: Convert sale customers into long-term shoppers

With heavy discounting driving a lot of your Q1 sales it is likely that a lot of the shoppes you are attracting and going to be one-off and discount-driven. This means the tactics outlined above, while helping to get you through one of the bleaker times of the year, will fail to deliver long-term value […]

3 Content Tips to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Campaign (and Beat the Q1 Dip)

There are many best practice branding activities that slip to the bottom of the priority list during the crazier ecommerce seasons – content marketing being one of them. But in a socially engaged world, where brands are expected to be thought leaders and not just purveyors of goods, this can be a real blow to […]

Prepare for Q1: Drive traffic to your store with social

Traffic and revenue are not inextricably linked, but they do tend to have an impact on each other. With revenue dipping in January and February it is likely that if you look under the hood your traffic will be suffering too. Fix this and you are likely to see a positive impact on the bottom […]