In March 2015, after three years of working closely with Magento retailers and partners from across the globe, Nosto was invited to become one of 15 Magento Gold Technology Partners worldwide. It was a great honour and something the whole company was excited about, as we set out on our mission to enable any Magento retailer to deliver their customers personalized shopping experiences, wherever those customers may be.  

And looking back now, what a year it’s been! We now have the pleasure of powering hundreds of Magento retailers on their road to success – with top brands worldwide, such as Flight Club, Volcom, Karen Kane and Björn Borg. Across these and many other stores we have analyze hundreds of thousands of data points in real-time every day to help retailers go beyond the numbers and see the individual so they can offer them all an exceptional 1:1 customer experience based on best practice customer experience marketing.

Most people would celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months with a bottle of bubbly or a cake, but summer is approaching and we are watching our waistlines – so we’re taking a look back on the past 12 months and all we have learned and achieved, as well as giving you a sneak preview of some the exciting things to come in 2016..

Visiting the Magento LA headquarters pre-Imagine 2015


1. Learn to change, change to learn

We were chosen a Magento Gold Partner because we were doing something that the Magento team felt was exceptional in the ecommerce space. But this is an industry that is rapidly changing so we know that we must constantly seek to innovate and evolve.

In the past year, we have transformed our offering from the core product recommendation engine to a complete personalization solution – enabling retailers to deliver personalized marketing campaigns through the original onsite Product Recommendations but also Facebook ADs, Behavioral Pop-ups and within their existing emails.

And the results so far have been superb; 19x ROAS on Facebook ads with luxury fashion retailer Eton, a 10,35 USD return per personalized email sent by luxury shoe retailer Melvin & Hamilton, a 2x increase in conversion for modern lifestyle brand Volcom, and a signed-to-live time of just 48h for German liquor company Berentzen – just to mention a few.  

But, of course, we know we cannot afford to stop evolving in our bid to be the best personalization solution for Magento. Which is why we are excited to announce that our Magento 2.0 extension is soon going live! In fact, we’re offering exclusive early access to a selected few already. This includes an extended free trial and any additional support you need to get up and running as fast as possible. 

Proudly sponsoring Magento Live France 2016

Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce visiting the Nosto booth at Magento Live France 2016

2. Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers

In 2016 we will be focusing more than ever on developing our product in line with our brand promise of ‘empowering retailers to succeed’ so you can expect more exciting product updates and feature launches. As a Magento retailer, you’re always in the forefront of our minds when developing our product roadmap. But we know that assuming what you want is no substitute for listening to it. Which is why we constantly seek the feedback of our customers.

3. Expand your knowledge by always expanding your community

As we have already discussed, listening to your customers is important but sometimes even that is not enough. There is a very real need to be more than just a passive member of your industry, to become an active participant who contributes as much to the general conversation as you do your own niche area in that space. With this in mind, in our time as Magento Gold Partner we have been active on the Magento conference circuit, meeting the people that make this space great, discussing the issues they face and sharing our learnings from working with hundreds of Magento retailers worldwide. To ensure we stay on top of the game, we will again be present at the main Magento events this year and would love to meet you! We’ve just sponsored Magento Live France, are gold sponsors of Meet Magento Sweden in March and will be sponsoring Magento Live UK in June so please do get in touch if you’d like to meet up.

Chatting with Rohan Lock from dotmailer and Gary Landa from Digital Boutique at Magento Live UK 2015


And most exciting of all – one of the key dates in the Magento calendar – this April, we’ll be sponsoring Imagine Commerce for the first time! Viva Las Vegas!  Not only will we be listening to your feedback and requests, sharing ecommerce personalization best practices and free recommendation concepts, we’ll also be giving away Nosto quadcopters! So, make stand 5 a ‘must’ on your list of things to do at Imagine.


4. A company is built on people, those within your business but also those you do business with

While technology powers everything we do, it’s people that motivate it. The Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote, “the key is to keep company only with people who uplift you and whose presence calls forth your best” and at Nosto we feel privileged to be keeping company with some fantastic partners, without whom the previous year might not have been as successful as it has been – and certainly not as fun!

So for all the beautiful and efficient implementations, shared training sessions, case studies, events and late nights with laughter, food and drinks, we’d like to say ‘Thank You’. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) Vaimo, Trollweb, Corra, Screen Pages, The Pixel, On Tap, Space 48, Synolia, DnD, Soon, Onestic and, of course, Magento. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Catching up over some drinks with Andrew Pizula from Pixafy at Imagine 2015

And so there we have it, a short look at a wonderful year – here’s to many more – working together to build on what is already one of the best communities in the commerce world today. To more successes, more shared learnings and more fun times ahead!


To celebrate our Marketing Designer Rosanna put together this little momento of past 12 months…