Five April Fool’s Day Brand Pranks That Made Us LOL

Ah, April Fool’s day – some love it, some hate it. I’ll be honest, ever since I spent three hours searching for a non-existent rogue sheep as a child, I’ve been on the fence (thanks mum).

But it isn’t just bored/evil parents that get to have all the fun- many brands are jumping on the mayhem bandwagon too.

Here are 5 of my favorites from this year…


DuoLingo, the language learning app, created a new course for April Fool’s day – and it’s one that you speak with your fingers and thumbs. No, not sign language – but emoji! Which, while just a prank, may not be a bad idea – our CMO, for example, used the “crying with laughter emoji” in sad situations for longer than he cares to admit, a social blunder that could have been avoided with this course!



Often brands will experiment with marketing their products in new and interesting ways – a new flavor, a new size or, if you work for Cheetos, by shoving it in a can and turning it into a cosmetic – or so they would have us believe with the April Fool’s day launch of their branded fake tan. Ridiculous yes, but as I willingly turned myself the color of an oompa-loompa during the entirety of my teens, I can’t 100% promise that I wouldn’t have bought this…

Amazon Pet Alexa


Amazon got in on the fun with a new add-on to their Echo offering – PetAlexa, an extension that would mean Alexa is able to understand and take commands from your pets. The general consensus is that this would be amazing, although my cat has some evil tendencies that I am not sure I would want robotically enabled! The real win, however, is the video – which imagines some hilarious pet use cases. 



If you’re looking for a porn site with a sense of humor (who isn’t?!) then you just found it – because PornHub have proven that there is more than one way to have fun on the internet (chortle). They pulled a stomach-wrenching prank by convincing users that they had shared the video they were watching to their social channels… It would at least make a change from photos of babies and breakfasts though, hey?!



Last, but not least, is ThinkGeek, a self-proclaimed geek ecommerce dream which each year introduces a number of “prank” items – ridiculous things that could never exist and nobody would ever want. Except they could, and people do. Which is why, if they garner enough interest, they go ahead and make them! Examples from previous years that made the cut include a Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie and canned “unicorn meat” (probably best not to ask what the ingredients are). My vote for this year would be the Yass Cat-apult, a stuffed cat toy that catapults itself across the room while shouting “Yass” – handy!

So, there we have it for another year – I hope you enjoyed the pranks in my round-up as much as I did!

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