How One Brand Increased Consumer Relevance by ‘Making Things Personal’

Want to know how to really pull at a shopper’s heartstrings? Make things personal.

No, we’re not suggesting you pry our deepest, darkest secrets at the checkout counter. We’re talking about tailoring a customer’s shopping experience by focusing on the products they love most. And when you’re a retailer with your heart set on growth, delivering this personal touch is a major priority.

The folks at Nicehair, Denmark’s largest online beauty and cosmetics retailer, learned first-hand how important it is to leverage personalization- and just how well it pays off. We sat down with them to discuss their journey and why they’ve embraced Nosto’s personalization solution to help grow their business. 


Nicehair and their passion for ‘personal’

Established in 2009, Nicehair’s mission has been to offer quality and affordable beauty products tailored to a consumer’s needs. And their team is a testament to this objective: many of them are beauty industry experts, spanning from cosmetology to hair styling, which allows them to provide their customers with relevant knowledge and expertise. “The beauty products people use, and the brands they use are a very personal experience”, expresses Brian Greer, Director of Digital Marketing over at Nicehair (pictured in intro). It’s a reality that can be applied to virtually any consumer across any industry, but in the world of beauty it’s never rang truer. Think about it: when you’re an industry that is now allowing consumers to become their own beauty designers, personalization is no longer a question – but rather a necessity to remain on the forefront.

Nicehair’s desire to continue expanding (they’re currently present in 5 markets across Europe) drove them to focus on improving the relevance of their offerings.

And that’s where Nosto came in. First on the agenda was identifying their three personalization pain points:

  1. Engaging with customers on a personal level, across multiple channels
    Pre-Nosto, Nicehair made significant efforts to engage with customers via Facebook and email. But their ad campaigns just weren’t delivering that personal factor they, as an organization, valued so much.
  2. Balancing human resources and human implementation
    As their business initiatives continue to expand, so does the demand to deliver quality, relevant ad campaigns to attract even more customers. Nicehair was searching for a way that their team can operate and maintain a pesronalization solution (like Nosto’s) with minimal effort.
  3. Keeping their customers, old and new, well-informed 
    While Nicehair originally focused on selling hair care products, their current offerings cater to far more than just the haircare-curious. Now operating under the company name Nicebeauty, they’re a full-blown beauty shop offering everything from skincare products to makeup, fragrances, beauty electronics and more. The solution? Promote their broad range of offerings to new and returning consumers, while focusing on automatically customizing those offerings.

Turning challenges into personalization opportunities

With the support of the Nosto team, Nicehair began to face these pain points head on by launching Facebook prospecting and retargeting ad campaigns, onsite product recommendations and abandoned cart emails.

Their results…

We won’t give too much away here, but they were seriously impressive.

On the Facebook front, not only were they able to more than double their ROAS, but they began to view personalization features like Facebook advertising as a true revenue channel rather than merely a venue for exposure.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our video case study with the team at Nicehair to learn how personalization helped them steer towards greater growth.


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