Our North Star at Nosto is ‘Empowering Retailers to Succeed’- essentially, everyone in our organization plays a role in ensuring customer success. However, in order to consistently deliver on that promise, there are three distinct teams in place – and it’s my privilege to introduce you to them and how they orchestrate a world-class experience for our clients.


Technical Solutions Managers

After choosing to work with Nosto, you’re likely to first meet one of our Technical Solutions Managers: this person helps you to start your journey with us with speed and ease-of-mind. With a deep technical understanding of both Nosto and ecommerce platforms, they’re well-equipped to cater to a wide variety of situations that arise during the installation process. Through the experience of more than hundreds of ecommerce projects and a thorough understanding of the User Experience, our Technical Solutions Managers are also capable of transforming your vision gained during the sales phase into a concrete setup designed to produce the desired results. In addition to handling the onboarding process, TSMs often assist during the discovery stage to evaluate complicated use cases. They provide our agency partners with in-depth product training. And they support existing clients by making sure Nosto speaks the same language with their ecommerce platform.


Customer Success Managers

Once the initially agreed upon feature-set is humming as intended and the first batch of results witnessed, you’re then introduced to your assigned Customer Success Manager – your co-conspirator at Nosto. A CSM’s primary objective is to ensure that both the capabilities of the Nosto platform and the aggregated company know-how gained from working with thousands of retailers translate into tangible results. A Customer Success Manager is an inherently proactive role, trained and experienced in ecommerce strategy, social advertising, and personalization. During our monthly/quarterly business reviews, they craft the optimal battle plan for you to reach your goals in an ever-changing environment, and then assist with implementing the chosen strategy on an ongoing basis.

While the CSM frequently helps with issues that might arise, Nosto has another team who is dedicated to solving issues with accelerated speed…


Product Specialists

Product Specialists are a centralized support team serving merchants both through chat as well as email. Our PS team handles many responsibilities that in other companies would be done by an account manager. Not only do they have a profound understanding of the Nosto platform, but also a good grasp on how it’s used to drive commercial results. They provide a strikingly fast route for getting answers to pressing questions and fixing issues.

And sometimes, they’re simply there to uplift your day with a bit of humor:


With round-the-clock support from other areas in our organization – from Marketing to Operations – these three teams work in tandem to make our North Star a reality.