Shopify Plus merchants are seeing an incredible rate of growth – 126% YoY, which is 9x the industry at large.


Impressive numbers, right? So as an ecommerce professional with your heart (and revenue targets) set on achieving massive growth this year and beyond, what are you doing to make sure you achieve this level of success? And most importantly, just what are these merchants doing to crush their growth game?

This exclusive 2-part webinar series, How to Grow Your Entire Online Funnel, dives into the secrets behind skyrocketing customer acquisition and retention.



Nosto has teamed up with Shopify Plus and fellow technology partners to bring you 2 days of insight into creating a holistic ecommerce growth strategy.

Here’s a little teaser of the series ahead…


Day 1: Customer Acquisition (Tuesday March 6th at 1pm ET / 10 am PT)


Demac Media

Demac Media’s Head of Digital Marketing and former Google employee, Vinay Sharma, will reveal his trusted strategy for growing businesses online. This webinar will discuss Demac’s trusted Search Engine and Facebook Ads acquisition strategy to help your ecommerce business remain competitive. Plus, learn how to leverage customer behavioral patterns to lay the foundation for attracting new customers.



Klevu’s Head of U.S. Miles Tinsley will provide tips on how retailers can leverage search to improve the customer experience and increase revenue. This webinar will focus on best practices to help better manage a search function, including UX considerations in search (mobile/desktop, a speedy checkout process, etc), supporting more advanced and complex search queries via NLP and catalog enrichment, merchandising and product promotion, content/data indexing tips and benefits, and where personalization and machine learning comes into play.


Oracle + Bronto

Growing your email list isn’t necessarily difficult if you approach it with a strong strategy. Gabe Macaluso, Channel Manager – Team Lead at Oracle + Bronto will be headlining this session all about the power of email in customer acquisition and subscriber growth! Learn why email is a paramount touchpoint for interacting with your customers, plus learn actionable ways to help convert your site visitors into loyal subscribers.

Day Two: Customer Retention (Wednesday, March 7th at 1 pm ET | 10 am PT)


Yotpo will be discussing the importance of leveraging the voices of your customers to build an engaged brand community. Through the use of cutting-edge techniques, they will provide strategies to help you engage buyers post-checkout – leveraging customer feedback to gain consumer insight and build a more powerful retention plan. This combination of strategies can lead to turning your visitors into loyal brand advocates!



One of the key components in customer retention – and an expectation among consumers worldwide – is a personalized shopping experience. In fact, over 94% of ecommerce companies are leveraging personalization to retain customers! Join Jan Soerensen, General Manager (U.S.) and Head of Customer Success at Nosto, as he reveals the tried-and-tested Onsite and Social Ad Personalization strategies he uses to deliver an average 15% increase in conversion and 12% ROAS for Nosto merchants.

Losing business to competitors can be a hard hit to your growth, but what if you can spot the warning signs in time to take action? Stuart Arsenault of will reveal three warning signs that you should watch for to prevent losing business to your competitors. In addition to these warnings, you’ll also learn 3 tactics to increase customer lifetime value – plus how these tactics can enable you to run an ecommerce business that keeps customers coming back to you.


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