10 Just Really Great Ecommerce Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can divide opinion. When done badly they are an unwelcome interruption and a barrier between your customer and your website. Done well however, and they are an effective way to grab your customer’s attention – to deliver special offers, grow your email list, prevent abandoned carts and even, if you so wish, make them laugh and strengthen your brand. In fact, when done well a pop-up can make, not break, your site – which is why we have gathered some of our absolute favorites to show you how to create pop-ups your customers will want to see again and again.

1. Meowingtons


If there is one thing we know about the internet, it is that cat memes go down like an after-work glass of wine (well and quickly followed by another and then another). Meowingtons, a cat themed apparel and accessories store, know this and, quite rightly, use it to their advantage – with hilarious results. Don’t underestimate the power of humor – it can turn a possible annoyance into a pleasant, engaging and enticing experience. Which is exactly how this punny, on-brand pop-up works – it makes you laugh, enables data capture and creates a sense of, albeit lighthearted, urgency within the text. Me-wow (sorry!).


2. Andy Pola

You don’t have to speak Spanish to understand why this pop-up is an effective one (which is useful because I don’t) – with a special offer timer ticking away in front of your eyes, the motivation for customers to buy is made that much stronger. By framing the offer of a 10% discount within a 30 minute window, Spanish shoe merchant Andy Pola have turned their pop-up into a conversion tool that pleases customers with a discount whilst simultaneously providing a sense of scarcity, therefore driving their bottom line!


3. Eleven

Good design is important, especially in pop-ups that, if totally neglected, can have connotations of malware (think Windows 98 grey boxes with abrasive flashing messages). But some brands go above and beyond, making the visual appearance of their pop-up hard to refuse. Eleven, a Swedish cosmetic company, have done just this with their pop-up which, like the basket they want their customer to have, is made to look bursting to the brim.


4. Trunki

Trunki is another example of a pop-up with excellent design but it also goes one step further. Triggered by a customer’s intent to exit the site with items in the bag, it delivers a targeted discount at the optimal time with supporting text that is clear – buy now, save money! An offer that is hard to refuse. They also include a reminder that free next day delivery is available – removing yet another barrier to purchase.


5. Costo


You know what they say – out of sight, out of mind – which is why, when we spend a long time browsing a site, it can be easy to forget not only what we wanted to buy, but that initial feeling that made it tempting. Costo know this and use their pop-up to counteract it- again, triggered by a customer’s intent to leave the site, their pop-up not only offers them a way to save the contents of their cart (again, a great way to gather email addresses) but visually reminds them of exactly what they wanted to buy! This gives them the opportunity to fall in love with the pieces all over again, as well as a CTA to go back to the site and continue shopping. Genius.


6. Pia Jewellery


Now, we have seen some pretty fancy designs and approaches to pop-up but sometimes it’s money that talks the loudest – and in Pia Jewellery’s pop-up, it’s clear what it is saying, “Buy more, get money off!” Setting a price threshold for an exclusive discount, this is an excellent example of how a pop-up may be used to drive average order value. Not only that but there is the nice added UX touch of a built-in coupon copy button, allowing for a smoother path back to the site and more products!


7. Geggamoja


Some offers are so good that you would be stupid to turn them down, and sometimes, believe it or not, when said with the right tone, it’s best to spell this out! Geggamoja is a great example of this, using a cheeky tone in their exit hyperlink (‘No thanks, money is growing on trees’) to convey to shoppers just what a great deal they are leaving behind!


8. 31 Dover


Ok so we may have already covered humor with Meowingtons but I couldn’t leave this one out as it’s one my favorites – it’s cheeky, it’s tempting and it’s in line with their brand! Consistency across your site is important and 31Dover have carried their tone of voice to every nook and cranny of theirs – why should their pop-ups be any different?


9. Oka


So far we have mostly looked at sites using pop-ups to welcome customers or stop them from leaving. But surely there are other applications along your customer’s journey through your store as well? Oka prove that to be the case with this wonderful pop-up that not only informs the customer that their items have successfully been added to the basket but then goes on to recommend relevant accessories- another way to increase average order value!


10. Final inspiration for you…

Ever been browsing the web for so long that you go into auto-pilot? Your mind and your eyes are tired and you’re no longer taking much in. In fact, forget all those lovely items you found – maybe you’ll call it a day. That is until something snaps you out of it – a pop-up is already unexpected and can be enough to give people a jolt back to earth (especially when it involves money off like this one) but you would be surprised at the difference a little visual motion can make – it is the reason cinemagraphs are found to be so effective. You can use this to your advantage with a GIF that not only wakes a customer up but highlights a tempting product range!

So, there we go – pop-ups that make customers happier and stores better. What’s not to like?

Seen any great examples? Let me know in the comments.

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