There are still a few months left of 2017, so let’s make them count. If you’re a Magento user (or you’re interested in the benefits that Magento could bring to your business) the Definitive Guide to Supercharging Your Magento Store might just change the way you run your business.

Here at Nosto, we’ve come together with four other Magento Premier Technology Partners to show how you can skyrocket your business growth. Each partner is an expert in their field, providing cutting-edge technology that helps you extend the core capabilities of Magento Commerce. Each will take you through customer behavior data, real-life examples and actionable next steps – all the way from theory to execution.

And this isn’t just another ebook. Each new chapter is packed full of case studies and actionable advice to help you grow your Magento store.

In case you missed it (and we know you wouldn’t want to do that)

 Chapter 1: Supercharging Magento through 1:1 personalized customer experiences – by Nosto

The first chapter, created by yours truly, shows how the new customer buying journey means individual online personalization is crucial to your success. You’ll discover:

  • The importance of the third visit to your site by a customer, and how to retarget them to make sure they make it.
  • How one brand achieved a 19x ROAS thanks to their personalized Abandoned Cart recovery emails.
  • Why repeat purchasers represent a better ROAS, with higher AOV than new customers – and what to do about it.
  • How to take a leaf out of Amazon’s book with on-site personalization to skyrocket your growth.
Chapter 2: Using email to power relevancy, reach and revenue – by dotmailer

The team at dotmailer explains how segmentation has evolved to make email marketing more important than ever. Most notably…

  • Why it’s important to prioritize identifying your most valuable customers, and how you can encourage them to convert.
  • How to combine customer data with email marketing automation to generate sales.
  • How one brand successfully reconnected with more than 2,100 inactive subscribers.
  • Learn which re-engagement tactic converts at an average of over 28%, and how to use it for a quick conversion win.

Coming to a Magento supercharge guide near you…

Want to know when the subsequent chapters will drop? Here are some dates for your diary…

Chapter 3: Shipping by Temando (launching Sept 12th)

Get insight into how your shipping options are affecting your business. Temando provides actionable advice to help you optimize these options to significantly impact your sales numbers.

Chapter 4: Payments by Paypal (launching Sept 26th)

Gain insight from Paypal and discover how to balance a craving for data with a desire to make that sale at the checkout.

Chapter 5: Search by Celebros (launching Oct 10th)

The folks at Celebros are humanizing the site search experience: from dynamic merchandizing tips to effective search tactics, learn how to enable your customers to navigate your site with ease.

Webinar with Magento, Nosto and dotmailer (live Oct 18th)

Because we like to go out with a bang. In this webinar, we reveal the top tips to kickstart 2018. Avoid the start-of-year slump and learn how to leverage online personalization and email to set the tone for a successful year. You won’t want to miss this, so stay tuned for a link to sign up!