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The holidays are well and truly on their way, which means you can look forward to a feast of food and drink, a wealth of merriness and, potentially, the busiest time of the year for your business. In the spirit of goodwill to all, we’ve collected together some of our most popular holiday marketing guides in one handy place, to help you maximize your holiday season revenue and have a truly exceptional end of year!


Unlock Nosto’s Holiday Favorites and you’ll get our in-depth Ecommerce Holiday Handbook, taking you through everything you need to tackle the lead-up sales of November, the gift buying of December and even the sale shopping of January. Not only that, but there’s a webinar to talk you through every aspect in detail, and you can even download the presentation for holiday inspiration on-the-go.

You’ll also get our handy ‘6 Things You Need To Do To Be Prepared For Black Friday and Cyber Monday ’ – don’t enter November without it! Here, you’ll win complete peace of mind, knowing that you’ve got everything in place to handle the influx of traffic that your perfectly optimized site is going to be under, thanks to your super-effective winter marketing campaigns. Sound unmissable? Access our favorite holiday content today!

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Here’s just a taste of the seasonal stock-shifting tips you’ll benefit from…


Email Marketing

The holiday season sees a boom in email marketing, as the fight for eyeballs happens in inboxes around the world. And of course, if you’re based in Europe and living in a post-GDPR world, your email list may be looking smaller than it did this time last year. But, those remaining on your list are likely to be more engaged, and your emails will be

appearing in a much less crowded inbox. That’s very good news for marketers, and something you can take full advantage of.

(If you are worried about how to tackle GDPR regulations, check out our blog about making sure your email marketing is GDPR compliant – it should put your mind at rest that it’s more than possible to be both compliant and effective!)

42% of buyers prefer to receive emails with personalized content, and it’s these emails that can boast an impressive average Click Through Rate (CTR) of 24% and a conversion rate of 6%. If a customer has bought or even just visited your store before, you can use Nosto’s Personalized Widgets, which allow you to automate the personalization of each email on a 1:1 basis.

You can see below how handbag retailer, meli melo, highlights both popular gifts and previously browsed products, maximizing the chance of the shopper finding something that appeals to them. During the holiday period you can combine this approach with a discount code or further sale promotion, to really increase conversions.


Cart abandonment emails are a great way of counteracting the sky high abandoned cart rates typical at this time of year, and are absolutely GDPR compliant. Using an exit-intent pop-up, as Vulpine does, is the perfect way to capture email addresses and prompt shoppers to go back to items by emailing them directly to them. This solves several problems: it helps shoppers keep track of their items when they browse on different devices (61% of people browse on their mobile then complete their purchase on their desktop), it allows people to email their wishlist to their friends and family, and of course, it simply reminds shoppers of items they’ve left behind.


Alternatively, you can use a pop-up to exchange an email address for access to your Black Friday sale, as My Sports Fuel does. By gatekeeping your sale you’re ensuring that you get some value from every visitor (in the form of their email address) even if they don’t go on to buy.


So that’s a quick look at how to use email marketing to boost your holiday sales, but there’s so much more to find out. Download Nosto’s Holiday Favorites and you’ll also find the answer to the biggest holiday marketing questions including…

  • What sale type will my target market most respond to – a % discount or a ‘free gift with purchase’ offer?
  • How can I push up the Average Order Value (AOV) from my shoppers?
  • When can pop-ups be used to increase the performance of my sales?
  • How do I create a Search function that always uncovers the right product for the right shopper?
  • How can I personalize my holiday advertising campaigns to maximize my Return On Investment (ROI)?
  • How can I make sure my 2018 holiday shoppers become my 2019 repeat customers?

To unlock the answers to all these and more, download Nosto’s Holiday Favorites today!

And that’s not all – we’ll be uncovering more holiday tips and tricks over the course of the next few weeks in our Ecommerce Advent Calendar. Get ready to have your best holiday season yet!

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