How One American Clothing Brand is Bringing the East and West Coast Together…

One of our regular features on the Nosto blog; the customer spotlight –  looking at some of the fantastic brands we work with and, most importantly, examining what it is they are doing right. Plus a quick look at their use of Nosto. This month we look at johnnie-O


What’s the story?

Started by John O’Donnell in 2004, johnnie-O specializes in clothing for boys and men, in a style that merges East Coast Prep and West Coast Casual.

What do we love?

johnnie-O is American to the core, with great quality products in a distinct style of their own making…

Product curation

The guys at johnnie-O know the value of a curated product line – and they use multiple approaches to present their products in interesting ways. Besides personalization (which we’ll come to later), they use shoppable lookbooks, a traditional paper catalog and collections. By arranging their products in relatable ways (spring break, course ready) they make it easy for johnnie-O customers to imagine the items fitting in with their lifestyle.

On the left-hand side we can see some of the collection categories that johnnie-O use.

Suggestion Box

Most companies give you a way to get in touch with them (and if they don’t, consider it a red light), but johnnie-O goes one step further – framing it in a way that encourages opinions, feedback and collaboration.

johnnie-O make it clear that they want to hear from their customers.

Trackable packages

Often the most stressful thing about shopping online is not knowing when your products are going to come – a painful wait for the doorbell to ring, that can seem never-ending. Well, johnnie-O have identified this painpoint and offer a solution – trackable packages, whether they are sending the goods to you or you are returning them.

johnnie-O make sure customers always know where their items are.

Spreading the word

For any business, getting good word of mouth is invaluable to the power of your brand and johnnie-O have found an ingenious way of doing it. Not only have they identified environments frequented by their target market (college campuses), but they have also found a way to create promoters within them- giving free items away to “college wingmen” in exchange for promotion.

They allow those who visit the site to earn a percentage off their next order by referring friends – truly showing the power of their network.

johnnie-O create ‘Campus Wingmen’ to promote their products to their target markets.

Solutions to specific problems

With any product, there can be niggling problems that bother consumers – for example, in women’s retail visible bra straps have long been an issue that designers have tried to help combat (with see-though straps, strapless bras, bras that can be adjusted to beworn in different styles and even stick on cups).

These are the type of problems you really need to understand your target market to know, something with johnnie-O have definitely proven. Not only have they identified one of these small but annoying issues, they have also provided a solution. The “tweener” button is a hidden button on the inside of their shirts with provides an in-between option when choosing how high to button your shirt, allowing men to feel comfortable and look casual without their shirt being too open.

johnnie-O have identified a unique problem and then solved it with their products.

How they use Nosto…

Home page recommendations

Everyone knows the importance of the homepage as the window to your site, and we probably don’t have to remind you that, on average, you only have three seconds to convince someone to stay. While your website can have fantastic design and great copy, a dynamic element will help optimize your chances of conversion by highlighting the most relevant items for that time or that visitor. johnnie-O are making use of both of these strategies by A/B testing Best Seller recommendations and Personalized 1:1 recommendations on their homepage.

johnnie-O are currently A/B testing two recommendation types on their homepage, to decide what works best for their customers.


Product page suggestions

Your product page is not just a place to let your products shine, it is also an opportunity to suggest complementary and alternative pieces. johnnie-O employ do both with tabbed ‘You May Also Like’ and ‘Pair With’ recommendations.

Each of these approaches works to help the customer differently – firstly, by suggesting similar but alternative items they help the customer to continue the shopping journey if the current item isn’t quite right. Secondly, by suggesting pieces that that work to create a full look, they highlight relationships between their products (and increase their AOV).

johnnie-o employ two types of recommendation on the product page, using a tab approach to save space.

So, there we have it – a fantastic US brand that we are proud to call customers!


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