How One Clothing Store Dressed Its Site For Success…

One of our regular features on the Nosto blog; the customer spotlight –  looking at some of the fantastic brands we work with and, most importantly, examining what it is they are doing right. Plus a quick look at their use of Nosto. This month I look at Unif…


What’s the story?

An uber cool purveyor of men and women’s clothing and shoes. Unif doesn’t have an “about us”  section because it doesn’t need one – like the clothes they sell, their website, brand and attitude all speak for themselves.

What do we love?

This is a site with a grungy, bare bones look that is in line with its target market. The color block 90s design works to complement the throwback feel of the clothes and to let their statement pieces steal the show.

But don’t be fooled. Unif know that while their customers may want retro-cool clothes they don’t want a retro buying experience. These are shoppers of the internet generation, with shiny iPhones in their pockets and high digital expectations.

Which is why the Unif website is a lesson in smooth UX – a seamless, multichannel experience made to look rough around the edges. Not only that but, as we will see, in many ways they go above and beyond what is expected of them (nice clothes, good functionality) to deliver a brand with attitude and appeal.

Minute movements, creating a big impression

It turns out that websites and clothes have something in common – it’s often the details that matter. Unif have accessorized their website with subtle movements that work to create an interesting ecommerce experience. Move your cursor on their home screen and you will find a color backdrop that changes as you scroll, as well as a number of other moving elements that focus your eye on the journey they want it to make. Watch the video below to check it out for yourself. Or, you know, just go their website and take a look.

This is a tactic, again employed on the category pages. Scroll over the product images and you will see the model’s pose, the angle, and sometimes even the accessories, change – as well as details as to size availability pop up underneath the image in question.

Another nice detail is the fact that once you select a product the cart slides in on the right-hand side, letting you review your progress so far or edit any mistakes you might have made. You can then simply close the pop-up and get back to business.

Clever and simple visual clues like this make a purposely pared down website visually and kinesthetically appealing – as well as leading customers to the desired place. Bravo Unif – we take our hats of to you.

Integrated Shoppable Social Media

If you want proof that Unif’s customers are social media users, you only need to check the numbers – 63.7K followers on Twitter, 175K followers on Facebook and… wait for it… ONE MILLION followers on Instagram. Yes, you read that right.

So, how do they leverage this?

Well, firstly they post interesting, enjoyable and great looking content that is in line with their brand, interacting with their customers in a direct fashion. But what impressed me the most is how they use their customer’s love of everything social and visual directly on their site….

Unif have a “shop the feed” section, where you can not only browse their Instagram posts but buy from them directly. Select an image of interest and you are presented with a pop-up containing the shoppable items in that photo – to be added directly to your basket, if you so wish.

A shoppable Instagram image from the Unif site.

And it doesn’t stop there – look at any item one of Unif’s product pages and there is user generated content embedded directly onto the site – images taken by their customers and posted to social media, showing the items in action.

Now, some may question why you would want novice photos of your products on your, otherwise beautifully manicured, site. The answer is simple – because customers trust other customers more than they do brands.

Because a model is often not a representative of the average shopper (shocking, I know) and a professional camera, clever lighting, and plain background all play their part in showing an item in the best way. But that’s not what shoppers want. They want to see what it really looks like, on people like them.

This tactic also has the added bonus of showing that people loved their purchase enough to want to rave about it publically, again building trust and making it more desirable.

Uni include embedded social media images of their products


Ok, so I’m not strictly talking about something they do ON their website here but they do link out to it. This is a SoundCloud account owned by Unif, where they create mixes that they think their customers will like.

AND I LOVE IT – the concept and the playlists. In fact, it provided my background music while I wrote this blog. But what’s so great about it from a brand perspective?

Well, it’s shareable, it provides a service to their customers and it’s not aimed at selling. Basically, it’s nice for the sake of being nice. It’s also fun and shows that they understand their clientele.

If you want to do something similar ask yourself, what can you create that promotes your brand and brings value to your customers but doesn’t link directly to your product?

Showing and sharing the love

This is my favorite thing about this website – more so than the smooth UX, cool images and embedded social media feeds. Even more so than the playlists I’ve been listening to this morning…

A statement Unif have put up on their site to pledge their solidarity with their customers in the midst of a universally turbulent time – a message of love and unity and inclusiveness.

Sometimes brands shy away from making bold statements – they don’t want to be considered to be political or divisive and decide it is better not to risk offending anyone rather than stand up for someone of something. Unif is not one of those brands and this open letter shows it.

Because, let’s face it,

“We choose to be inquisitive of worlds different from our own, challenging prejudices and discovering commonalities.”

Is not something you tend to read on ecommerce sites (more’s the pity).

Any good business knows it is important to care about your customers, but a great business knows it is important to show it. And this just does that.

Read it in full here.


Ok, so how does this brand, that we love so much, use Nosto?

Product page recommendations

Unif use Nosto on their product page, to recommend other items that the shopper may be interested in. This is based on the product they are currently looking at and is calculated automatically according to an intelligent point-based logic that factors in purchase history, interest from other users and products viewed together.

Email widgets

Unif’s email communications are funny, funky and generally on brand. But they are also personalized, with the use of Nosto email widgets. This allows them to make product suggestions that relate to the taste of the individual- which, of course, makes them much more likely to make a purchase on the back of their email

So, there we have it. A great brand and one that we are proud to call clients! Check out the Unif website or see another of our client spotlights here. 


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