How one jewelry ecommerce store is shining bright…

This week on the Nosto blog we look at Nosto client JewelStreet and how they are creating a virtual treasure trove…

What’s the story?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best best friend – you know what we say? Why stop at diamonds when you can have pearl, sapphire, emerald and everything else in between? Luckily, the guys at Jewel Street are of the same opinion – which is why they have worked hard to bring together a curated marketplace of the best and brightest- not just gems, but the designers that work with them too.

What do they sell?

A curated range of beautiful jewelry of varying types and styles- sourced from over 300 handpicked online jewelry designers / brands from around the world. Ranges are for both men and women, and split by jewelry type, materials and occasion.


What do we love?

Well, apart from literally anything and everything on this beautiful site, we also love all of the following…


The best of the jewelry world, in one place

JewelStreet’s contributors are of an international flavor, brought from all corners of the world, yet they sit together in this one virtual space in a way that is reminiscent of traditional jewelry quarters. Except, even more than most, they have had to earn their place. As the website states…

Rest assured that for every jewelry Boutique here, nine others have not made the grade; all our jewelry designers have been through our stringent curation process which reviews their materials, originality of design, production methods and qualifications.

As discussed in previous blogs, curation is a hot topic in the ecommerce industry and a valuable service in itself – the internet has opened up a world of possibilities to us but sometimes that world can feel like too big a place. For luxury retailers particularly, it is important to bring only the best of what there is to offer – much like the sparser but beautifully presented bricks and mortar stores of this sector. Basically, people pay you to do the quality checks for them – something that JewelStreet have taken on board by so carefully picking their suppliers. They also highlight the work they do in this area by allowing customers to browse by boutique and providing descriptions of each designer and their work. 

Inspiration in many forms

It’s not enough to show customers glitzy and beautiful things and hope that they buy them (although if I had enough money I would be doing exactly that with almost everything on this site). Luxury retail is about creating an impression – inspiring people to love and want things of high quality. Much of that can and should be done via visual impressions – something that we can see JewelStreet do well. But to go beyond a purely visual appeal it serves to give a product meaning, placing it in a higher and desirable context. This is achieved on the JewelStreet website in “The Edit” section- a blog-like area where list articles are used to highlight individual designers and jewelry pieces. By placing items and collections within these top lists, they effectively provide a second level of curation – showing the real crème de la crème of their offering and therefore driving desire.


Service with a smile

It can sometimes be difficult to translate some of the qualities of a luxury experience to an online store, particularly an attentive and personalized service. But JewelStreet is a brand that have identified this potential loss and taken active steps to recreate and preserve the experience in the virtual sphere. One of the ways they do this is, of course, with personalization software – which is where we come in – but it needn’t be a one trick approach (and anyway, we will be coming to that later). JewelStreet also offer a service called ‘Concierge’ – a team dedicated to “supporting [their] customers through the purchasing process, with the aim of providing a completely bespoke, luxury experience for each and every client.”

Why go to this effort? Well, aside from the fact that it creates a good customer experience, it also helps to remove potential barriers to purchase which, with the higher price tags, can be more problematic in the luxury sector. Jewelry, is an investment, financially, but also often emotionally and one which can be a lifetime commitment. It is therefore important to make them feel comfortable that it is one that they are getting right- something that is here enabled by a specialist team, on hand to answer questions, however a customer should wish to contact them.


How they use Nosto:

Onsite recommendations

Product page: When a customer views an item on your store they have demonstrated two things; 1) an interest in making a purchase and 2) their buying preferences – in other words, the type of items that they are engaged with enough to consider. Both of these pieces of information can (and should) be used to further engage them and encourage them to the next step in the buying process. As is done on the JewelStreet product page with the use of personalized product recommendations, on which they take a three pronged approach:

  • Complete the look: This recommendation works by highlighting complementary products to that which is being viewed, encouraging the shopper to buy more and increase the average order value. With jewelry particularly there are likely to be items that match the original piece (using the same metal or stone or from a matching set), it would therefore be a missed opportunity not to highlight these

  • Recommendations: This works by recommending similar but alternative products to the item in question – this helps if that piece doesn’t actually happen to be quite the right one for them, preventing them from returning to long category pages and instead leading them further into the store.

  • Recently viewed: A virtual breadcrumb trail to allow indecisive shoppers to return to those items they had previously viewed. This serves as a helpful reminder about products that might otherwise get lost along the way and, again, can be seen to be especially useful with luxury, high-commitment pieces which may mean a shopper spends more time browsing.


Cart page

Your cart page is in some ways a last chance saloon – if you are going to encourage them to buy anything else, therefore optimizing the sale for peak profit, then this is your last opportunity to do it. For this reason, JewelStreet utilizes two of the recommendation styles from the product page on the cart page also – personal reccommendations, playing on their taste, and ‘recently viewed’, giving them a final chance to grab anything they have forgotten or were previously on the fence about.


Abandoned Cart Pop-Up

When you have worked so hard to get customers to your store and items into their cart – the last thing you want to do is just let them walk away, particurarly with high-end products like this where the stakes are even higher. That is why pop-ups are such a useful tool. JewelStreet employs this tactic for abandoning shoppers with items in their cart – the most highly engaged of shoppers, and definitely ones you want to save! By asking them if they want to save their cart contents they not only get their contact details for retargeting later on, but also make it easier for them to come back and complete the purchase.


Abandoned Cart Email

A natural follow-on from the abandoned cart pop-up, utilizing those prescious email addresses that have been collected. As shown by JewelStreet’s approach, this email should be used to remind those customers that left the store of the items they had engaged with but why stop there? As they do, you can use the power of personalization to also reccomend other items that are in line with that individual’s browsing behavior. In this way JewelStreet are not bringing back customers to their store, but offering a tailored experience and increasing average order value on the way!


So, there we have it- a jewel in the crown of the ecommerce world! For more information on how other stores in the luxury world are using personalization feel free to download our case study by clicking the image below…

Or if you are attending Sheerluxe and would like to get more tips specifically for the luxury sector then book some time to talk to our ecommerce specialists at the event.

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