How to drive increases in conversion with personalization

Sales are the lifeblood of any retail store – a person’s decision to buy from you not only drives your bottom line but ultimately decides the fate of your business. Yet, as we showed in our last ebook the majority of businesses focus most of their time, money and effort on driving traffic to their site, putting much less thought into what happens when visitors get there. But with 97% of an online store’s visitors leaving without buying, it is clear that merchants need to reconsider their focus or risk falling at the last, most important hurdle.

There are a number of standard best practices that you should be employing to encourage conversion – high-quality product photography, detailed product descriptions and clear calls to action. But why, when this is so imperative to the success of your business, would you stop at the basics? Website personalization, one of the hottest trends in the ecommerce world, could be the answer. In fact, “59% of online shoppers say it is easier to find interesting products on personalized ecommerce stores” and “45% are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations”.

Think of it as an automated personal shopping assistant for the online world, the aim of which is to make shopping more convenient, more fun and more specific to the individual. This can be done according to many variables, including the source from which the shopper came from, the demographic they belong to or their onsite behavior. But how does all of this increase the chance of conversion?

Primarily it is because personalization:

And in case you’re still not convinced…

With conversion rate being such an important issue for any business and personalization one of the industry trends set to make the biggest difference to it – this is a subject that should be high on any ecommerce merchant’s priority list. That is why we have written an ebook on the matter- ‘How to drive increases in conversion with personalization’ – the third instalment of ‘The Nosto complete guide to personalization’ series.

In this ebook we will cover the following:

  • Personalization of content, copy and design – how to tailor the way your site looks and the words it uses.
  • Personalized product recommendations – why and how you should suggest products for your shoppers.
  • Personalized offers – how to use pop-ups to deliver offers to the individual.


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