Weekly ecommerce round-up: How to sleep better, viral videos & the April Fool’s day gags that made us LOL!

This week’s ecommerce round-up comes to you from my sickbed. Don’t worry though, as far as I know colds can’t be caught via email (there’s a computer virus joke in there somewhere, right?).

Luckily my fingers aren’t affected and I have still been able to round up some of this week’s must-read ecommerce news.

Happy Friday everyone!

(For anyone still concerned, feel free to tweet me photos of fuzzy animals to make me feel better)


The Hidden Cost of Being a Night Owl (And How to Sleep Better)

One of the things I like about the Shopify blog is that the posts aren’t just ecommerce related – because succeeding in ecommerce, or indeed any business, is not just about what you do at work. Sleep, particularly, is going to affect whether you and the business kick ass or drop the ball, (as well as contribute directly to the size of your Starbucks bill). They say people tend to fit in two categories; early bird or night owl, but personally I see myself as more of a permanently exhausted pigeon… For tips on how to do it better, check out their blog.


10 Viral Videos from Brands, for Inspiration

If you are one for trend predictions then you will know that video is set to become EVEN more popular than it already is. Which is why you should be thinking about how you are going to use this medium. And what do we… ok, I… recommend almost every week? Looking at how the pros are doing it. Practical Ecommerce have done the hard work – compiling the list – now all you have to do is sit back and watch. Note: If you’re only going to watch one make it DollarShaveClub, it slays me!


Five April Fool’s Day Brand Pranks That Made Us LOL

Ok, so April Fool’s Day was almost a week ago now, but it’s Friday and we could all do with some light relief. Plus the fact that this is the first time I have had a reason to write about a porn site on the Nosto blog and I am not passing up the opportunity to share it with you! So, here we are – 5 of my favourite brand gags from this year. Plus one story about me and a non-existent rogue sheep. Enjoy!


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