Learn how one luxury brand found a way to communicate quality online (so you can do the same)

Are you in the market for a buttery soft leather bag, together with some tips on creating the ultimate ecommerce store? Look no further – today we dive into luxury leather goods brand, Osprey London, examining what makes their site so special.


What’s the story?

The brand was originally formed in 1980, when the founder, Graeme Ellisdon, was just 25 years old. 36 years later, it’s still owned by the original founder, together with his wife, Alex, and they have the same commitment to producing stunning goods. While the heart of the company is still luxury leather, over time they’ve expanded into silks, gifts, home fragrances – if it’s beautiful and luxurious, Osprey London are into it!

These products aren’t cheap, so it’s essential that they demonstrate their value online – no mean feat, when a customer can’t pick up and examine the goods for themselves. And yet they’ve found a way. The brand’s commitment to quality is infused throughout the site, as you’re about to discover….


What do we love?

Osprey London knows their audience. Hit the homepage and that’s immediately apparent. Gorgeous photography is used to show off their products, with everything above the fold dedicated to a carousel showing just a few of the hottest items. Paired with some witty copy, you immediately get a sense of the Osprey London customer – not a slave to fashion, but rather someone that has an individual sense of style, with an appreciation of great quality.

Product pages

The product pages are clean and uncluttered, which allows the product photography to really shine. It’s also extremely easy to see the colors each product is available in, since rather than a swatch of color, there are mini pictures of the product in each hue.

Don’t fancy the bright orange sunhat (although frankly, you’re mad, it’s a stunner!)? You can immediately see the other five options in all their glory. As a shopper, that makes it incredibly easy to explore your options within one product range.

As well as a description and care information on each product page, you’ll find suggested items and top sellers, making wider product discovery easy for the user.

In your own store, that Top Seller slot can of course be used for anything – sunglasses for when there’s a heatwave, gift ideas over Christmas, or even just the products with the highest margin. It’s a high visibility slot, which you can use to alert customers to whichever product you choose.


Mini Cart

The Mini Cart is highlighted in a contrasting color to the rest of the site, to draw the eye to the top of the screen. But this is no standard cart – not only does it tell the customer their running total, but a dropdown option also shows the expected shipping amount, updating to £0 as soon as the customer reaches the £75 free shipping threshold. This simple tweak has paid dividends – by doing this, Osprey London has been able to slash their abandoned cart rates to far below the industry average of 70%.

Video content

Osprey London knows the power of seeing their products in action. They’ve used short films on the homepage, on product pages and across their social feeds, with the sunglasses video credited by the company with increasing sales by more than 100%!

The videos themselves have been carefully considered – in each, you get a look behind the scenes of the fashion shoot, as the models get into position, genuinely enjoying the feel and the look of the products they’re showing off. For every spontaneous grin and shared glance between the models captured on video, you find yourself feeling warmer towards the brand. And this is precisely the aim – it’s appealing to that emotional side in all of us.

In showing their products in a range of settings – through video and lifestyle photography, as well as straight product photography – they help people feel comfortable with spending significant amounts of money on these kinds of products.


Brand Story

Osprey London is a brand with heritage – you won’t find many at this level that are still owned by the original founder. And if you’re looking for evidence, you’ll find it throughout the site. From a Q&A with the founder about his design process, to a company history page that gives you a real peek into life behind the scenes at Osprey London, these are the kinds of touches that the modern online shopper loves.

Nosto research has found that a customer makes an average of five visits to an online store before they complete their purchase, so these kinds of signals are important. By showing their values, demonstrating not just what they do but why they do it, they help a shopper to buy into the brand (if you’re interested in this kind of thing, you should watch this TED Talk: Why great leaders inspire action).


How do they use Nosto?

For Osprey London, the ability to make dynamic recommendations has changed everything. Both personal recommendations and best sellers are highlighted on the product page, allowing a shopper to be inspired by items in keeping with their own style, as well as using the ‘wisdom of crowds’ to see what’s popular across all of the products.

They also use the Checkout page to make some final suggestions regarding complementary or previously viewed items. Positioned as it is –  ‘An extra treat?’ – it taps into that luxurious feel infused throughout the site.

Here at Nosto we love being able to call Osprey London our client (and not just because in writing and researching this blog a certain New York kimono was purchased…). You can find out more about how we can help you tailor your site to every single customer that visits by contacting us here. And if you want to get your very own beautiful leather bag, belt or wallet, check out Osprey London here.

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