Let’s get personal! An introduction to the world of ecommerce personalization

“People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be…” Don Draper

You might not expect a Mad Men quote to be the basis of a blog on ecommerce personalization but hey, we know how much you guys love Netflix and we wanted to grab your attention! And the truth is, fictional quote or not, for decades this is exactly how the shopping industry operated. Without proper insight into the hearts and heads of their potential buyer, companies were forced to create an ideal customer just as fictional as Mr Draper, and tell people that is who they should be.

Then ecommerce was born! 

And, for a while, nothing changed…

The truth is, despite best intentions, companies didn’t have the tools or the know-how to fully tap into the potential of the unknown virtual world they were inhabiting. The internet, it turns out, didn’t come with instructions.

But we have reached a turning point! Technology has finally developed to the point that merchants are able to listen to their customers, finding out their likes, dislikes, and serving them according to those wants and needs.


Welcome to the exciting world of personalization

But before you get all excited (and you should be excited!), what does it all mean?

Well, much like the comments section on Youtube, it is an area of great debate. Exactly what personalization is, how it is best used and the right tools to enable it – well, all this differs greatly according to who you speak to.

So, as personalization is kind of our thing we’re here to help you out and set the whole matter straight…

Personalization, at its most basic level, is the delivery of tailored content and experiences across every point of the customer journey.

In other words; the right content, for the right person, at the right time…

Basically, personalization, when done right, can give you happier customers, who are more engaged in the sales process and buy more! But don’t take my word for it…

  • 75% of consumers like it when brands personalize messaging and offers.
  • 94% of companies agree that personalization “is critical to current and future success.”
  • 7.8% is the amount by which personalization can help lift sales.

In fact, in practice personalization is a business strategy that can and should be used to drive performance increases at every stage of the sales funnel.



1. To drive traffic to your personalized store:

  • Tailor the personalized message, look or copy of your adverts- making them more relevant to your potential buyers.
  • Boost display and social advertising efforts with software product recommendations relevant to a group or individual, according to previous browsing or buying behavior.Who does it well? Yumi Kimi personalized their Facebook ads and saw a whopping 25x ROI in only 15 days.

2. To convert visitors into customers: 

    • Give each customer a personal shopper experience by tailoring on-site product recommendations according to what they have previously bought, looked at or searched for.
    • Dynamically edit the copy, design and message of your site to address the individual – this can be as simple as greeting them by name, or by referring to items and brands they may be interested in.
    • Reduce site abandonment and increase conversion with time-limited special offers and one-time discount pop-ups targeted, according to behavior or customer type.Who does it well? Scarosso implemented personal product reccomendations across their personalized website and saw a 15% increase in revenue.

3. To increase retention & create promoters:

Customers now have more choice and power than ever before, and so retailers need to change – they have to listen to the individual when they tell them who they are. Personalization is therefore key.

Of course, as we have said – it is a pretty broad subject. In fact, frankly – it is too much to cover in one blog post. Which is why we are creating a whole ebook series on the subject. Hoorah! So, if personalization has piqued your interest and you would like to know more download the first instalment – An Introduction To Personalization, in which you will…

  • Get a more in-depth understanding of what personalization is and what it can do for you and your customers.
  • Better comprehend the importance of this trend.
  • Be introduced to the full range of technologies and services that will allow you to enable personalization as a business strategy.
  • Get a clear and relevant picture of the benefits.


Here’s to getting personal!

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