Magento Live Europe 2018: 8 Must-Watch Sessions for Your Event Agenda

Magento Live Europe 2018 is now underway! And now that we’ve covered what you should see and do in Barcelona in your spare time, it’s time to get to business (although we fully acknowledge that a good plate of tapas is equally as important).


It goes without saying that, at this year’s Magento Live Europe, you’ll want to make the most of Magento’s Keynote sessions to learn about their exciting product roadmap for the year ahead and discover how this roadmap can benefit your business.

But with so many insightful sessions to choose from – and so little time to catch them all – choosing the ideal agenda can be a bit overwhelming. To make the most of your time at Magento Live Europe, here’s a quick list of our top 8 picks for must-see breakout sessions and why we believe these sessions drive the most value for ecommerce retailers on the rise.

(Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Nosto team at booth G4 and enter for a chance to win a Super Nintendo Classic Mini!)


Top Breakout Sessions (Sorted by Date and Time)

1.Embrace the Dark Side: Striking Balance Between Fear, Risk and Customer Love to Unlock Omnichannel Growth

Winning Solutions Track
When: Tuesday, October 9, 9:00AM-9:45AM
Where: Level -1, Sala A

About this session:
Omnichannel growth is a keystone of any successful ecommerce business. In this session, led by Skye Spear (VP of Sales & Partnerships at Signifyd) you’ll learn how successful retailers achieve this growth to build strong omnichannel experiences without risking or disrupting the experience for their customers – plus, how these retailers can identify the right partners to help make it all happen.


2. Intelligent Retail: Delivering AI-Driven Shopping Experiences from Prospect to Purchase – Case Toolstop

Winning Solutions Track
When: Tuesday, October 9th, 10-10.45 AM
Where: Level -1, Sala A

About this session:
Isaac Moshe (CMO at Nosto) will lead the audience into a deep dive on how AI-driven personalization is helping transform the way retailers deliver completely unique customer journeys. Isaac will be joined by Neil Bruce (E-Commerce Manager at Toolstop) and Rory Gilmore (Technical Solutions Manager at Nosto) to discuss Toolstop’s journey to delivering more unique experiences for their shoppers.


3. See it, Wear it: How EGO is Using UX Strategy and Flexible Payments to Accelerate its Purchase Journey

Growth Strategies Track
When: Tuesday, October 9, 3:30PM-4:15PM
Where: Level -1, Sala H2

About this session:
Ryan Leffel (Senior Director of Customer Experience at Corra) leads a discussion about fashion brand EGO and their fast fashion strategies. Lindy Crea (Klarna’s Senior Commercial Manager for Global Partnerships), Haroon Hussain and Usman Riaz (both from EGO Shoes) will be on-hand to share key learnings from EGO’s re-platforming to Magento 2 – which included implementing a strong UX strategy and flexible payment system – to pave the way for greater success.


4. Delivering Frictionless Customer Experience

B2B Track
When: Wednesday, October 10, 9:00AM-9:45AM
Where: Level -1, Sala H1

About this session:
B2B is a major focus for Magento in the year ahead. Learn how BAUHAUS, one of Europe’s largest home-improvement stores (and fellow Nosto client), is working with Magento agency partner Vaimo to plan and implement the store’s omnichannel strategies. Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Head of Strategy at Vaimo, and Steen Hestenhauge, CEO of BAUHAUS eCommerce Sweden, will discuss the specific tactics and strategies used to transform the store’s omnichannel presence.


5. Osprey London- Leveraging Magento & the Ecosystem for Growth

Commerce Best Practices Track
When: Wednesday, October 10th, 10-10.45 AM
Where: Level -1, Sala F

About this session:
This discussion explores one retailer’s journey to growth with Magento. Moderated by David Wise (Director Channel Sales, Magento, an Adobe Company), Ben Jones (E-Commerce Manager at Osprey London, Skip Fidura (Client Service Director at dotmailer), Paul Rogers (Solution Architect at Klevu) and yours truly (Nosto Customer Success Manager), the discussion will focus on Osprey London‘s success in migrating to Magento Commerce Cloud and the techniquines that partners dotmailer, Klevu and Nosto are implementing to ensure growth for a luxury brand.


6. At the Intersection of Content and Commerce: Which Path to Choose?

Winning Solutions Track
When: Wednesday, October 10, 2:00PM-2:45PM
Where: Level -1, Sala A

About this session:
Listen to Redbox Digital’s Paul Lewis discuss how to introduce content more effectively in the customers shopping journey; specifically, how to create the right strategy to execute from both a creative and technical perspective. You’ll also discover options to weigh the benefits and limitations of separate, integrated and headless ecommerce as well as content platform configurations.


7. Getting Cozy with B2B: How Soak & Sleep Adapted Their B2C Site to Grow Their B2B Channel 200%

B2B Track
When: Wednesday, October 10, 3:00PM-3:45PM
Where: Level -1, Sala H1

About this session:
Nosto client Soak & Sleep’s success story -which started from a spare room and a £99 website and grew to become UK’s top online bed and bath brand – is quite the impressive one to catch. Learn how how they used B2C tactics to establish a thriving B2B arm to their business. Brent Peterson, Chief Magento Evangelist & Agency Coach at Wagento) and Charlie Hunt (CEO at Soak & Sleep) discuss the strategies that led to a 200% increase in the brand’s B2B revenue.


8. Architecting Magento for Multiple Brands in Multiple Countries, Languages & Currencies

Business Track
When: Wednesday, October 10th, 4-4.45 PM
Where: Level -1, Sala H3

About this session:
Globalization is still very much a buzzword in the world of ecommerce, so this is a perfect closer to your Magento Live session agenda. In this Magento-hosted talk (led by Gordon Knoppe, Practice Lead, EMEA & APAC), learn all about the most optimal setups for supporting multiple brands in multiple countries, currencies and languages – strategies that are innovative, scalable, easy to manage.


One final (and important) tip to help maximize your time…

Make the most of networking sessions: whether that’s talking to other retailers and learning about their brand journeys or learning more about Magento’s wide technology ecosystem. Getting out there and exchanging ideas and knowledge with your fellow ecommerce brains always adds an extra layer of value to your learning.

And again, you can always find us at booth G4 where you can book a 1:1 meeting with one of our team members (and try your hand at scoring a Super Nintendo Classic Mini).

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