The Road to Magento Live Europe 2018: Nostonians’ Favorite Spots in Barcelona

Gearing up for Magento Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona? To help you make the most of your time, Nostonians are sharing their favorite places to dine, drink, explore, and nap (yes, nap) around this beautiful city, plus some of their most memorable Barcelona experiences!

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Favorite Restaurants/Foods to Dine Like a Local

(photo credit: Hotel Arts Barcelona)

No trip to Barcelona (or anywhere, really) would be complete without some good food. And while most of what you’ll find in this list is served in tapas form (appetizer-style dishes), in Barcelona you’ll find that tapas come in all shapes, flavors and varieties. Our favorites include…


Arola restaurant
Located at the seaside Hotel Arts, Arola restaurant (pictured above) complements its Mediterranean cuisine – curated by Michelin star chef Sergi Arola. “And it has the most beautiful view of the ocean!” comments Cindy, our Marketing Manager for France.

Restaurant La Flauta
Restaurant La Flauta also makes Cindy’s list. It’s also a favorite among Barcelona locals. For less than 20 euros, you can dine on charcoaled grilled meats and vegetables, salads and flatuas – crusty baguettes filled with a variety of ingredients.

Cervezeria Catalana
Cervezeria Catalana is a popular place – and the best place – to eat traditional Spanish tapas along with very well prepared seafood. There’s usually a waiting time of 30 minutes (unless you go early), but really worth it.” Kevin, our Head of Sales (EMEA) comments.

Ten’s Tapas
Ten’s Tapas restaurant also makes the Nosto list! It offers a mix of traditional Spanish tapas with a modern twist. Order single tapas (if you hate sharing your food), sharing tapas (if you’re feeling generous) or their Tasting Menu which combines a variety of creative steak and seafood combinations.

Cindy recommends Somodó, a small establishment located in the district of Gracia, serving quality Catalan cuisine with a Japanese influence. Dine on dishes like Codfish tempura, Iberian pork ribs and Caramel mousse and popcorn ice cream (::swoon::).


Craving a quicker bite? Indulge in pinxtos!


Head of Product Management, Lari, who is a small-snack enthusiast, says –

Pintxos (or ‘pinchos’ in Spanish) are small bites typically served in bars anywhere in the city. While pinxtos more common in the Basque Country (Lari believes nothing beats the the pintxos bars of San Sebastian), they’re the perfect compact snack to help settle your hunger while wandering around. A note for the foreigners: there’s a regional difference between pinxtos, pinchos and tapas (which are also considered appetizers). I recommend finding a local guide who has lived around the country and knows how these plates differ by region.”


Favorite Bars for a Celebratory Toast

(photo credit:

Craving a cocktail or two? Head to the El Born area for two of our most treasured spots where cocktails are more of an experience than a quick drink…

Dr. Stravinsky prides itself in their selection of creative cocktails. “The ambiance is dim, yet cozy and somewhat resembles a laboratory – the ideal setting to get your science on and concoct the perfect post-event drink.” Thumbs up from Marketing Manager Cindy!

Bar Sauvage, located in Passeig del Born, also makes Cindy’s coveted cocktail list. The venue serves crafted cocktails which can be accompanied by a variety of Mexican and South American bites.

Espit Chupitos may not be the place to go if you’re craving a relaxing end-of-day cocktail – unless your idea of “relaxing” is a lineup of shots (as that’s what they’re known for). As a matter of fact, we asked fellow Nostonian, Dan (Head of Support & International Markets), why Espit Chupitos is his favorite watering hole in Barcelona. His response:

“They only serve shots. What can be better than shots?”

(Rest assured that Dan still responsibly handles your support requests.)


Favorite Place to Siesta

Spain is known for their siestas – small periods of rest in the afternoon. Our preferred spot to catch a breezy midday nap is none other than at the city beach. Our Head of Sales EMEA, Kevin, recommends you head to Barceloneta Beach – a gem among beaches in the city – after sipping on a cold Sangria or tinto de verano (a wine-based summer drink similar to Sangria). Sangria, sun and snoozing – the life.


Favorite Things to See and Do

Club Natació Atletic-Barceloneta

If you’re looking for a place to refresh before or after the summit – or to treat yourself to a mojito or two after an evening workout, Club Natació Atletic-Barceloneta is the place to go according to Lari, Head of Product Management. The beachfront athletic club is also equipped with hammocks, which are great for enjoying said post-workout mojito (but beware: the hammocks (never the mojitos) are first come, first serve). Looking for some aquatic activity? The panoramic Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc overlooks the city, so you can go for a relaxing swim – or train for Tokyo 2020 – in their olympic sized pool.

Barcelona’s octagon-shaped grids

If you appreciate unique city architecture – like Manhattan’s sharp grid structures or London’s insanely snakey streets hugging the River Thames – you’ll find Barcelona’s octagonal structure just as fascinating (and check out Google Maps if you don’t believe us). Each octagonal city block contains its own collection of local bars and crowds; and the further away from the tourist areas you wander, the more adventure you’ll run into.

Useful side note: it’s fairly easy to run into refreshments (of the family or adult variety) while wandering the octagon grids of Barcelona, so you’ll likely always feel quenched one way or another. This photo of Nosto’s Founder, Juha, is proof of that:


Most Memorable Barcelona Experiences

Football fever and (messy?) Messi
“I was in Barcelona when Chile knocked out Spain from World Cup in 2014 (only a few people actually cared). I was also in Barcelona when FCB had a perfect season and cemented it with a Champion’s League win against Juventus in 2015 (people cared this time, and the day after we saw Messi sipping a beer while riding on a celebratory float.)

(photo credit: Lari Lehtonen)

“To me this was quite a remarkable experience considering how important football is to the national and regional identity in most European countries.” – Lari


Hanging with Gaudí (minus The Hangover)

“Our favorite place to visit in Barcelona was Park Güell. My friend and I arrived crawling to the top, but made it to watch the sunset! Park Güell is a colorful place full of greenery, adorned in beautifully colored tiling, and is one of Antoni Gaudí’s major works with a wonderful view of the city. After that we enjoyed a copious Spanish dinner – the famous Roasted Cochinillo – and visited Sagrada Familia church”, our Partner and Customer Success Manager Maria, recommends.

While Maria has plenty of fond memories exploring every corner and color of Barcelona, one of her earliest trips to the city was most akin to a scene from The Hangover (minus tigers and Mike Tyson). “My friend and I decided to climb the 90-degree fire escape stairs of a 10-floor residential building (because why not?) and found an another amazing view…until we realized we had two options: finding a helicopter to get downstairs, or staying on that rooftop for the rest of our lives.”


One final note before you kick off your Barcelona adventure:

We hope this list will help you optimize your time in Barcelona! Now that we’ve covered the must-do’s to conquer in between your event schedule, please do not hesitate to pre-book a meeting with us at Magento Live Europe 2018 or meet our crew at booth G4 to enter our Super Nintendo raffle!

See you there!

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