Join Nosto’s Live Release Webinar on September 5th: Discover our NEW AI-Powered Offering

It’s been an exciting period in the world of Nosto. Hot on the heels of our latest product redesign announcement, we’re gearing up for yet another reveal – and it’s our biggest one yet…


On September 5th, we’re hosting a live webinar to announce the launch of our AI-powered Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization offeringThese products are set to transform the way ecommerce brands deliver personalization at scale – and to say that we’re excited to finally share this with the world is a major understatement. But before we don our party hats and draw the curtain on this long-awaited announcement, here’s everything you need to know about the live reveal (minus the actual reveal, of course – we won’t do spoilers around here.)


First, here’s a quick look at the day’s agenda and when/how you can tune in:

Webinar agenda and times

Welcoming words – Jim Löfgren, Nosto’s new CEO

Unveiling Our New Products – Isaac Moshe, CMO

Live product demo – Romain Sassareu, Product Manager

The retailer’s journey – Ben Slaven, Marketing Director at Function18

Closing remarks 


To accommodate multiple time zones, we will be hosting this webinar twice (so if you can’t make the first reveal, fret not – you can always rsvp for the second.

10 am BST / 11 am CET, September 5th
10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT, September 5th




We may be against dishing out spoilers, but we love a good sneak peek. Read on for yours and learn a bit about our products before we dive into the details in just a few short days…


Transform the way shoppers experience your brand online through:

We have revolutionized the approach to segmentation in ecommerce. Our AI analyzes both transactional events and online browsing behavior in real-time to understand buying intent and the Customer Lifecycle. Our segments are both custom and automated and can be used to tailor personalization strategies based on any attribute.

Over the past 7 years, we have anonymously gathered and analyzed the browsing and transactional data of shoppers and are now surfacing that data to our partners and customers! The goal? To help you better understand online shoppers, map out their customer journeys and segment them based on their buying preferences – all within the same Nosto platform.

Onsite Content Personalization
Go beyond Onsite Product Recommendations and Onsite Pop-ups to tailor the entire store experience: from the navigation bar, to banner imagery, brand logos, CTAs, and even videos.


We’re one day away – still time to reserve your spot!

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