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Discovering Merchandising Insights with Testing and Optimization

Tests can not, and should not, stand in for human analysis and intuition. Just like human intuition can not, and should not, be confused for data-driven test results. By first digging into historical data, retailers can use the knowledge they...

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Improving Testing and Optimization on Your Site with Continuous Optimization

The primary problem that retailers have with testing is that running a test always involves revenue risk. Typically, this inevitable loss is acceptable as long as the test produces meaningful insights that lead to greater profits. However, because retailers naturally...

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What’s New In Nosto: A/B Testing and Optimization

Retailers who are open to continuously creating and testing new things, and reinventing themselves, are the ones that tend to see the most success. In the context of continuous website optimization, facilitating changes justifiably requires some kind of testing tool...

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Nosto and Tapcart Integration: Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences on Mobile Store Applications

Nosto's latest integration with mobile app platform Tapcart allows retailers to expand their personalization strategy beyond the desktop experience: impacting customer engagement, conversion and bottom-line sales via the store's mobile application. For years, the age-old tradeoff in ecommerce (particularly in...

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The 3 Content Personalization Strategies Retailers Need to Transform Retail Experiences

In our Mastering Personalization guide, we reveal how retailers can create a successful content personalization strategy that fosters satisfied, longtime customers. There are several factors that influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a product from a specific brand — with...

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Nosto Cold Start Pale Ale: Our Journey to Uniting Lovers of Data and Beer

To commemorate the launch of our latest beer, Cold Start, we shed some light on our journey to crafting our very first AI-powered brew: from the importance of a well-rounded beer collection to how we gathered the data that fuels...

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Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store Before the Holiday Season

Together with Magento and fellow Technology Partners, we’ve carved out your path to holiday success with The Journey of a Gift—a step-by-step guide revealing tips and best practices retailers need to optimize your online store ahead of the holiday season....

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