How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Store Using Personalized Advertising

Whether it is in the romantic world or the ecommerce one – attraction can be a funny thing. In fact, making the first move and getting customers to your site can sometimes be the hardest part.


As the first step towards the checkout however, it is also fundamental to success- which is probably why merchants spend an average of 90% of their personalized marketing budgets on customer acquisition alone.

But beware – when done badly customer acquisition can be a drain on budgets and time, which it is why it is not only important but absolutely necessary to optimize your efforts, maximizing your chances of a positive ROI.

With advertising such an valued customer acquisition tool and personalization a key differentiation technique, this topic becomes an important and complicated one. That is why we have written a whole ebook on it- in this, the second instalment of ‘The Complete Guide To Personalization’ series.

So, let’s dive straight in and get you started on the route to more engaging, more effective advertising…

In this ebook you will learn…

  • What store personalization means in advertising
  • The different types of personalized advertising available to you
  • The personalization techniques that can be applied to these types of advertising
  • The benefits of personalized advertising
  • Who does personalized advertising well


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