Prepare for Q1: Acquire new customers by personalizing your advertising efforts

While you want to bring old customers back to your store, you don’t want to give up on attracting new customers altogether. The problem is competition is fierce and with many other companies experiencing the Q1 dip, it is only going to get fiercer, with everyone pulling out all the stops. Standing out from the crowd is therefore imperative.

The solution:


‘Online advertising [that is] is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions’. In other words, like the other forms of personalization we have discussed, taking the browsing or buying behaviour of visitors to your site and using it to personalize their customer journey. In this case, the application is adverts that recommend products that they are likely to buy. Does it work? Well, 54% of consumers find personalized ads to be more engaging and 45% find them more memorable and compared to “static-one-size-fits-all” ads – automated, dynamic product ads can generate performance improvements of up to 400%.

JUNIQE use re-targeting to show best-seller product-level ads to people who have recently visited their store.

You can personalize both your display and social advertising efforts using these ad types:

  • Best seller product ads – highlighting real-time trending items from your store. Nosto customer Eton, saw 13 x CTR on prospecting Best Seller product ads.
  • Personal re-engagement ads – Target customers who have visited your store previously by recommending products picked just for them based on their previous shopping behavior. Eton saw 11 x ROAS on ads of these type.
  • Abandoned cart recovery ads Encourage shoppers who selected items but didn’t quite make it to checkout by recommending products related to what they had in their cart. Eton saw 19 x ROAS on Abandoned cart recovery ads.
  • Post-purchase ads – Encourage converted customers to continue their spree by suggesting items that are relevant to what they have already bought.


For more tips to help you prepare for Q1 come back next week when I will be giving tips on how to drive traffic to your store with social (or in case you missed it, check out my last piece which looked at increasing customer retention with triggered emails)!

Alternatively, you can download our handy Q1 checklist for all the tips in one go…


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