Prepare for Q1: Increase conversion by creating a sense of urgency in your store

Sometimes we all need that little extra push across the line – whether it is getting up in the morning, deciding what film to watch, or treating yourself to that new watch you’ve had your eye on. Communicating with your customers at the pivotal moment can mean the difference between a shopper who walks away and a shopper who walks away with an item that they love.

The solutions

There are a couple of ways to help make that buying decision easier…


Pop-ups have a bad reputation. In the 2000s they were often associated with malware and, with overuse, became an annoyance. But they are back and being put to better use than ever before. In fact, Nosto customer Greatdays saw a 60% increase in conversion and 18% increase in average order value from using them. To ensure you are using them properly think about when to use them and what they should offer.

  • DISCOUNT POP-UPS – The clue is in the name. Discount pop-ups allow you to tempt customers to the checkout with money-off their purchases. With 32% of customers leaving because they deem the overall price to be too expensive, this could be just the thing you need to convince them to stay on track to the check-out. Time-limit these to make them more effective and ask for an email address in exchange to allow for data capture on top!

An offer could be just the thing to make them reconsider leaving empty handed.


  • ABANDONED CART POP UPS – Shoppers with items in their cart are already highly engaged, if they go to leave it’s an opportunity wasted. If you don’t want to tempt them with a discount then ask for email details so that they can save the items in their cart, greatly increasing the chances of their return.

Yumi Kim use a pop-up triggered by exit intent to allow shoppers to save the contents of their cart, making it easier for them to return and also expanding their database.


Shoppers with items in their cart are already highly engaged.



  • ABANDONED CART EMAILS – If you already have an email address for an abandoning shopper with items in the cart you can skip the pop-up stage altogether and send an email directly to their inbox with the items they left behind. Even better, automatically add generic recommendations related to these items as well- if they left behind the products for a reason then your suggestions may be just the thing they are looking for.

Organic Surge send an email to customers who have abandoned their cart, reminding of the items they looked at and recommending relevant items on top.


Filtered recs

Convincing shoppers to buy at the last minute is one thing but how about making sure they are more engaged with your products in the first place? By personalizing the customer journey through product recommendations you attract customers to move deeper within your site with the items that are right for them. This generates higher levels of buying intent from the beginning of the journey which greatly increases the chance of conversion.

Some examples of recommendations done right…


Product page: Without Prejudice use the space of their product page to not only recommend relevant items, but to also show the shopper what they looked at previously so that they are less likely to forget something.


Category page: Skin City use ‘top lists’ on their product page to show the most popular products from that category. This allows shoppers to be lead by crowd logic and reassures them in their buying decisions.


Shopping cart: Another example from Without Prejudice, who employ the same techniques demonstrated on their product page on their cart page. Not only does this offer a consistent shopper experience but is a good use of sometimes wasted web real estate. Again, the “You might also like” section encourages them to buy more and the “recently viewed” section ensures they don’t forget anything.


Product recommendations are a good use of sometimes wasted web real estate.


Avoid dead ends and let customers continue their journey!


For more tips to help you prepare for Q1 come back next week when I will be giving tips on how to rise above the noise with personalized emails (or in case you missed it, check out my last piece which looked at tackling the issue of margins lowered by discounted stock)!

Alternatively, you can download our handy Q1 checklist for all the tips in one go…


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