Prepare for Q1: Rise above the noise with personalized emails

When surveyed 52% of people said that they felt overwhelmed by the number of bargain-promoting emails they receive on a daily basis, which isn’t surprising with over half of all emails received being of a promotional nature.

So, at a time when many online stores are using the same boastful sale tactics to lure customers in how do you stand out from the crowd?

The solutions:

Personalized newsletter

First things first, nothing is going to make your email an overnight success if you aren’t adhering to some basic rules – your newsletters should look good, be interesting to your customers, and as a general rule should only spend 20–30% of the time selling your company directly. Now, that’s the basics covered – once you have achieved these things, personalization can add another layer of interest to your communications. In the same way that people are more likely to pay attention to a conversation about themselves so too are they more likely to read an email that is targeted at them directly! At Nosto, we have seen that personalized triggered emails have an average click-through rate 10x higher than the industry standard.

There is of course a number of ways to do this. Firstly, if you can, insert their name into the subject line (if you can’t, at least put effort into making the subject line stand out – you can A/B test this), then use tags to insert their name and greet them personally once the email is open. Lastly, offer them personalized recommendations from your inventory to maximize CTR and conversion. There are three approaches you can take here-

  • Browser history – Sometimes it is just about letting people pick up where they left off. We are busy people, we see things we like, plan to come back and never make it. By giving them a reminder of the pieces they left behind you make it easy for them to complete the purchase.
  • Browsing & buying related – That said, sometimes people won’t buy items because they weren’t the right ones in the first place. Help them to find other, more relevant pieces by suggesting alternatives based on what they looked at or previously bought.


Nosto’s personalized triggered emails have an average click-through rate 10x higher than the industry standard.


Top Lists are great, they help you highlight the most successful pieces in your store but they aren’t always relevant to the individual. Combine top lists with personalized recommendations by showing them the most popular pieces related to them according to their previous buying behavior.


1. Wakakuu tailor their emails to the individual by making product recommendations a central focus of their newsletter.

2. Björn Borg keep their newsletters timely and current by highlighting best-sellers for both women and men.


For more tips to help you prepare for Q1 come back next week when I will be giving tips on how to increase customer retention with triggered emails (or in case you missed it, check out my last piece which looked at combating lower margins from discounted stock with increases in AOV)!

Alternatively, you can download our handy Q1 checklist for all the tips in one go…


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