Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization, the Blog Series: Function18 Success Story

In case you’ve missed the latest news (and no worries if you have – we love a good recap), we’ve recently announced the launch of our new AI-powered Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization offering. These products not only allow online retailers to tailor the entire shopping experience for every customer, but also empower these brands to understand their shoppers on a level deeper than ever before…


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And because ‘show’ will always trump ‘tell’, we’ve launched a 3-part blog series that illustrates the value that complete personalization offers to both customer and retailer. This week, we’ll explore the journey of one sports apparel store who is inspiring athletes to take the golf course by storm, one tailored shopping experience at a time.


Meet Function18: Golf Enthusiasts Conquering the (e)Course

As the great football legend Deion Sanders once said, “if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good”. Although some of us (namely, the author of this blog post) are still fine-tuning the “play good” portion of this equation, the idea of stepping out in the freshest sports attire somehow makes us feel like world-class athletes.

Function18, specialists in selling products from the biggest global sports brands, are determined to offer that same feel-good experience to golf enthusiasts worldwide. Launched ten years ago by two young golf retailers who knew nothing about ecommerce, the company set off with the goal of selling a few garments to support their “bricks and mortar” shop revenue. And after seeing much success, they’re now a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide golf market.


How They Leverage Real-Time Behavioral Data to Personalize

While the team at Function18 is but small, they are mighty – leveraging real-time behavioral data to deliver personalized product recommendations to their shoppers across every stage of the onsite journey:


Featured products on the homepage for first-time visitors
When a visitor enters for the first time, they’re immediately invited to hit the ground (or the green) running. By leveraging transactional and behavioral data from past customers, the store is able to offer a number of best-selling and trending products to new ones. This allows them to promote products with the highest conversion rate while creating a personalization baseline to better understand their new visitor.



Site-wide product recommendations based on a customer’s selections
As the shopper interacts with products onsite, Nosto’s AI-powered Ecommerce Intelligence Engine is hard at work analyzing the journey at hand, streamlining the types of products shown to the customer based on personal preference.


Upselling and cross-selling opportunities in the Cart page to drive average order value
Before a shopper proceeds to checkout, they’re met with a combination of recommended and previously viewed products. This enables the store to suggest complementary items (both higher-and-lower priced) to boost AOV, as well as remind the shopper of other products they viewed but didn’t add to cart.

While the onsite journey is personalized to meet the needs of their ever-growing customer base, taking on the sports world with a small team can still bring obvious challenges…


How Function18 Uses Segmentation & Insights

Much like conquering that initial stroke on the tee, understanding what your customers need, and reacting to those needs as quickly as possible, is a critical element in delivering a fully relevant and engaging experience.

To achieve this, Function18 uses Segmentation & Insights to better understand who their customers are and what they buy. In addition, both AI-powered automated segments and custom segments are used to deliver a more personalized experience to every shopper. To understand buying intent and the Customer Lifecycle, our AI analyzes both transactional events and online browsing behavior in real-time.

“With the data analysis Nosto provides to us, we can better understand who our customers are, what they buy, and how they buy. It makes decision making and the way that we sell products to our consumers that much better.”
-Ben Slaven, Ecommerce Manager at Function18


How Function18 Uses Onsite Content Personalization

Onsite Content Personalization plays a key role in personalizing the images and content shown to shoppers to best capture and engage with them through both traditional and mobile shopping experiences. That head-to-toe Adidas outfit you’re desperately searching for? By updating segments in real time based on a shopper’s moment-by-moment interactions, Function18 is able to personalize every content element shown on the webstore as you browse – from the navigation bar to banners, videos, CTAs, logos, and more – to deliver only Adidas-related content. This contributed to shoppers spending an average of 2x longer onsite.


We Know Data Matters in Personalization – But Here’s Proof of Why.

We’ve discussed how leveraging both transactional and behavioral data in real time is crucial to driving the most personalization to shoppers. In part 2 of our blog series, we’ll reveal research that shows just how transactional and behavioral data affects the customer journey. Stay tuned!


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