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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: Trends, Data & Insights

As a growing number of shoppers indulge in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, they continue to invest more attention in mobile shopping and less time and energy in each brand interaction. As a prelude to the holiday shopping season, check out the top performance data from Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 and uncover the evolution […]

4 Facebook Ad Strategies to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Success

With Black Friday slowly creeping its way into your sales calendar, it’s prime time for maximizing Facebook advertising and competitive sales efforts. Our e-commerce specialist and Product Manager, Lari, whipped up some quick and actionable tips to prepare your ad campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday success in a matter of minutes. Lari, take […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming! Get your store mobile ready.

 Total online sales in the US during Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit a record $5.81bn in 2015. These are dates that, if done right, will leave your virtual cash register ringing. Get them wrong however, and you are practically watching your profit walk out the door…