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Scaling Nosto’s Product Design: A Visual Reborn

Since publishing the first version of Nosto’s platform, we’ve always valued a quality user experience. It’s long been our belief that without an appealing product and easy-to-use interface, making personalization accessible to online retailers of all sizes would be…well, a challenge. Over the years, our product has gone through a few major redesigns. Each of […]

How to create the Best Category Page Design – Learn & Get Inspired

Ah, the category page – perhaps the most familiar page of the modern ecommerce website, hark as it does back to the days of post-order catalogues. With a structure based on long lists of various products, it stands, in some way, as a testament to human beings as creatures of habit- resilient to the pull […]

The return of the ecommerce pop-up: 9 awesome use cases

Ah the pop-up, a once much maligned feature of the internet – destined, it seemed, to be banished from our screen. But the pop-up, like double denim and novelty facial hair, has seen an unlikely comeback! Proving itself to be a key tool in ecommerce by driving increases in conversion by up to 44%. And with behavioural targeting […]

How to stand out from the crowd with email personalization

I was on a course recently where the practitioner asked us to reveal the highest number of unread emails we had ever had in our inbox. What do you think the highest number was? 100? 500? 1000?! Not even close. The winner was a guy in the back of the room who opened his smartphone […]

Product photography in ecommerce – the stores that do it best.

When you step into a bricks and mortar store and explore the selection of products at hand, it is only natural to want to use all of your senses to study them. First, you select the product you are interested in according to visual cues. Then you might pick it up- examining its weight, the material and the […]

12 Great Christmas Setups for The Twelve Days of Christmas

The advent calendars have been raided, festive lights displays are glowing and even the bleakest of offices are being given a tinsel makeover- it’s official, Christmas is here! Just like the battle for the best tearjerker ad, the competition for the best online store Christmas setup is fierce. Here we bring you some of our favourite […]