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Want to Strengthen Your Facebook and Instagram Segmentation Strategy? Here’s How.

By using Segmentation & Insights together with Nosto’s Facebook offering, retailers are able to merge two powerful products into one tool for fast actionability.   In this post, we’ll cover… The importance of understanding your customers when building a Facebook and Instagram segmentation strateg Diving deeper into Facebook’s functionality using Segmentation & Insights The power […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

You spend a substantial amount of your budget getting customers to your store, a site filled with carefully curated products and built to encourage conversion – yet, on average, 97% of visitors to your website will leave without making a purchase.   That is where Facebook Dynamic Product Ads come in – one of the […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting

Having a solid Facebook Ad targeting strategy in place is key to growing your business. But with over 3 million businesses actively advertising on Facebook – plus content like adorable puppy videos flooding  news feeds and stealing your advertising thunder – it’s become more challenging than ever for ecommerce businesses to make their mark in the […]

User-Generated Content: Boosting Brand Loyalty in eCommerce

With 74% of consumers worldwide turning to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for retail inspiration, social media has become a huge lifeline for brands to boost their reputation with customers. Case in point: ever scroll through Instagram and see a photo of your friend wearing a really cool pair of sneakers, and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Audience Insights

I recently listened a podcast by my favorite podcasters, Perpetual Traffic. Episode 110 talks about how to find your core audience. To my surprise, the key takeaway was James Buhagiar of PetSnack‘s finding that, at the early stage of their journey, their key buying customer group were females over age 50.

4 Facebook Ad Strategies to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Success

With Black Friday slowly creeping its way into your sales calendar, it’s prime time for maximizing Facebook advertising and competitive sales efforts. Our e-commerce specialist and Product Manager, Lari, whipped up some quick and actionable tips to prepare your ad campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday success in a matter of minutes. Lari, take […]