How Boosting Customer Loyalty Improves 4 Vital Metrics for Fashion Ecommerce Retailers

In this article, our friends at LoyaltyLion take a look at four industry benchmarks — as outlined in Nosto’s latest report on the state of fashion ecommerce — and share how focusing on customer loyalty and retention will help you improve your results. While Amazon may dominate ecommerce market share, they’re yet to fully crack […]

4 Ways Fashion Brands Can Increase Customer Engagement Online

When an in-store shopping experience is done right, it can be quite the thing to experience; beautifully constructed displays, wonderfully curated garments and attentive sales assistants at your beck and call. So it’s no surprise that one of the goals in online retail – especially in the fashion industry – is to recreate these same […]

European Online Fashion in 2016 [Infographic]

Humans are, by nature, nosy – we want to know what others are doing and how that compares to us. This can be seen as an evolutionary trait, enabling us to learn from those around us and use those lessons to adapt what we are doing to survive.

Talking with… Lewis Hamilton, Head of Ecommerce at Turnbull & Asser

  The ecommerce industry is made up of great brands and behind those brands are some great individuals. Here our resident ecommerce expert Patrick Obolgogiani puts the important questions to Lewis Hamilton, now Head of Ecommerce for prestigious British tailoring firm (and Nosto client) Turnbull & Asser. We find out how Lewis’ background has helped him get to where he […]

What I learned from a week in the Babyshop office…

At Nosto we are privileged to be in a position where our success is directly aligned to that of our customers. Our business, which works on a success based pricing model, only makes money when retailers do – a decision we made because we believe it encourages excellence and innovation. It also defines our relationship […]

3 Top Takeaways From Fashion Digital New York 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Fashion Digital New York (FDNY). Run by the inimitable Sandy Hussain, the 3 day conference brought together over 80 speakers and 500 attendees from the worlds of fashion and tech to share learnings and best practices across retail and debate what the ‘future of commerce’ might look […]