What’s New In Nosto: Enabling Shopping On Instagram

Instagram is the go-to social network for visual storytelling and retail inspiration, and often times where a consumer transitions from innocent “window” shopper to a buying customer. To support this front, and as an addition to our Facebook and Instagram ads suite for Annual Plans, we’ve added support for a critical component required for you […]

User-Generated Content: Boosting Brand Loyalty in eCommerce

With 74% of consumers worldwide turning to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for retail inspiration, social media has become a huge lifeline for brands to boost their reputation with customers. Case in point: ever scroll through Instagram and see a photo of your friend wearing a really cool pair of sneakers, and […]

3 Red Flags That Hurt Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Performance

So you’ve committed to setting up your Facebook and Instagram ad campaign, followed a detailed, step-by-step guide to optimize your audiences (i.e. you’ve read through our Ecommerce Guide to Facebook and Instagram Audiences which pretty much lays it all out for you) and are ready to sit back and let the leads roll in.