Nosto and dotmailer Team up to Personalize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Experian reports that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.  No surprise there, seeing as it’s become increasingly challenging to cut through the noise of a flooded inbox.  For online retailers, the ability to deliver tailored emails to your audience can play a major role in conversion and retention.  

How a Simple Popup Helped One Brand Skyrocket Their Sales

As you ramp up your ecommerce game plan for Q4, consider one simple strategy that leaves a powerful impression: the website popup. Guest blogger Krista Krumina shares how one brand used pop-ups to build an email list that skyrocketed their back-to-school sales.

10 Just Really Great Ecommerce Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can divide opinion. When done badly they are an unwelcome interruption and a barrier between your customer and your website. Done well however, and they are an effective way to grab your customer’s attention – to deliver special offers, grow your email list, prevent abandoned carts and even, if you so wish, make them […]

Google’s new pop-up regulations – what do you need to know?

In 1999 I was 12. Which means my primary concerns were whether I was allowed out on my bike and getting my football back from next door’s garden. But even I remember the mass panic that the looming millennium brought to the media, and to the technology world in particular.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming – prepare with pop-ups!

Total online sales in the US during Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit a record $5.81bn in 2015. These are dates that, if done right, will leave your virtual cash register ringing. Get them wrong however, and you are practically watching your profit walk out the door…  

How one jewelry ecommerce store is shining bright…

This week on the Nosto blog we look at Nosto client JewelStreet and how they are creating a virtual treasure trove… What’s the story? They say diamonds are a girl’s best best friend – you know what we say? Why stop at diamonds when you can have pearl, sapphire, emerald and everything else in between? […]

3 ways to use an abandoned cart to your advantage

Given the amount of work that goes into getting the few shoppers that make it this far to do so, it isn’t surprising that those trolleys full of both virtual products and hope, can feel precious beyond belief. We have even explored some of these causes, as well as methods for tackling them, in recent blogs on […]

The return of the ecommerce pop-up: 9 awesome use cases

Ah the pop-up, a once much maligned feature of the internet – destined, it seemed, to be banished from our screen. But the pop-up, like double denim and novelty facial hair, has seen an unlikely comeback! Proving itself to be a key tool in ecommerce by driving increases in conversion by up to 44%. And with behavioural targeting […]