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User-Generated Content: Boosting Brand Loyalty in eCommerce

With 74% of consumers worldwide turning to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for retail inspiration, social media has become a huge lifeline for brands to boost their reputation with customers. Case in point: ever scroll through Instagram and see a photo of your friend wearing a really cool pair of sneakers, and […]

The 6 Layers of Effective Product Recommendations

A 2015 study by VentureBeat states that 75% of “digital natives” expect personalized shopping experiences. Not a real shocker, since personalized shopping experiences have become a hot ticket in the world of online retail. Customers enjoy being swooned with items tailored to their tastes.

How one handmade bracelet store is weaving its way to success…

What’s the story? Sometimes a simple idea is all you need to make a big change! And Pura Vida (Spanish for “pure life”) is proof of that. The company, now in its fourth year, was born on the back of a chance encounter in Costa Rica, where founders Griffin and Paul bought a bunch of handmade […]

How one jewelry ecommerce store is shining bright…

This week on the Nosto blog we look at Nosto client JewelStreet and how they are creating a virtual treasure trove… What’s the story? They say diamonds are a girl’s best best friend – you know what we say? Why stop at diamonds when you can have pearl, sapphire, emerald and everything else in between? […]

How one gardening ecommerce store is continuously growing…

Welcome back to one of the newest features of the Nosto blog – a regular look at some of the brands we love and are lucky enough to work with. Find out who they are, why we love them and how they use Nosto! This month we are doing things a bit differently, with Harry Oram, […]

3 ways to use an abandoned cart to your advantage

Given the amount of work that goes into getting the few shoppers that make it this far to do so, it isn’t surprising that those trolleys full of both virtual products and hope, can feel precious beyond belief. We have even explored some of these causes, as well as methods for tackling them, in recent blogs on […]

How to craft a kick-ass ecommerce cart page

The cart page – the destination to which all your previous efforts have been directed. You’ve created an enticing and easy to navigate home page and made sure your product page is fair, representative and encourages your customers to journey further into your site. And it’s paid off- there are items in the cart and, […]

6 Tips to Turn The Black Friday Boom Into Long-Term Value

In preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday you’ve probably revamped your infrastructure, stacked the fridge with enough Red Bull to last an apocalypse, and read our previous blog on maximising the value on the day. Now, even when everything goes perfectly and sales figures shoot through the roof, it is likely that the actual […]