What’s New In Nosto: A/B Testing and Optimization

Retailers can now optimize their personalization strategy across the customer experience by deploying A/B tests with Nosto to understand how different variations impact each touchpoint along the journey to conversion.

What’s New in Nosto: Personalized Emails at Scale With Nosto + dotdigital

There may be no bigger paradox for modern ecommerce companies than email marketing. What is simultaneously the largest form of modern business communication, is often also the most ignored — and it’s no wonder why. The average office worker receives over 120 emails per day. That’s a lot of information to sift through. In fact, […]

What’s New in Nosto: Applying Advanced Trigger Capabilities to Onsite Pop-up Campaigns

With Nosto’s new Onsite Pop-up triggers, customers can add an increased layer of personalization to pop-up campaigns that engages hesitant shoppers with highly targeted messaging. The result: a decrease in cart abandonment and incentivized repeat purchases. Pop-ups 101: Why (and How) Do We Use Them? In case you suspect the definition of a pop-up has […]

What’s New In Nosto: Explicit and Dynamic Product Bundles

Dynamic Bundles is a feature extension to our Onsite Product Recommendations that enable retailers to create explicit, related and fully dynamic product bundles. The result? Inspire your shoppers by showcasing visually appealing recommendation elements, and drive an increase in average order value by highlighting matching items. Mannequins were first introduced in 15th century France, primarily […]

What’s New In Nosto: Shopify Flow Connector

If you’re on Shopify Plus or planning to move or upgrade to Shopify Plus, here’s another reason why it’s a good idea: you can now easily create powerful marketing automation workflows and consistent shopping experiences by connecting other apps and Shopify to Nosto via Shopify Flow. WTF: What the Flow? (Shopify Flow, explained) Let’s start […]

What’s New In Nosto: Klaviyo Integration

Nosto’s latest integration with email marketing platform Klaviyo helps ecommerce professionals create hyper-targeted email campaigns by personalizing both emails and the landing pages visitors click through to. Long gone are “spray & pray” emails! The Story of Two Visitors Let’s assume that you’ve acquired two new email addresses by visitors to your site. One through […]