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Prepare for Q1: Increase conversion by creating a sense of urgency in your store

Sometimes we all need that little extra push across the line – whether it is getting up in the morning, deciding what film to watch, or treating yourself to that new watch you’ve had your eye on. Communicating with your customers at the pivotal moment can mean the difference between a shopper who walks away […]

Prepare for Q1: With tactics for excess stock

The changing of the seasons can mean that ecommerce merchants face an excess of old stock that is no longer of priority to shoppers. This causes problems for a number of reasons- not only is cash flow tied up by these products but they also take up space in your storage (and on your site). […]

The Nosto Q1 survival guide – 10 tips to make sure you are prepared for 2017

The start of the new year can signal a host of obstacles for those in the ecommerce business. According to our data, online retailers see a 36% drop in revenue from the dizzying heights of the festive season, with this figure sinking even further during February, when revenue sits at 14% less than the yearly […]

9 actionable tips to get more from Magento

Magento is almost undoubtedly the world’s most used ecommerce platform, powering online stores of all levels from all over the globe. Magento was first introduced back in 2008 and has grown consistently since then, in terms of the number of users, the size of the merchants and, of course, it’s capabilities. That said, Magento, like […]

5 tips to improve your logistics strategy and increase customer loyalty

Most ecommerce professionals know that the sustainability of a business is not based only on the acquisition of new customers, but also on your ability to build a loyal customer base that will buy from you time and time again. In fact, arguably one of the most quotable statistics in this industry is the fact […]

How happiness could be the secret to your business’ success and what to do about it…

On the Nosto blog, we write a lot about tactics to improve your ecommerce business – be it optimizing your homepage, improving your emails, or (of course) using personalization. But it is important sometimes to take a step back and remember that improving your business isn’t just about processes and technology because even an ecommerce business […]

6 actionable tips for improving ecommerce site search

On-site search is often a fundamental part of a user’s journey when browsing and completing a purchase online, yet it’s so often overlooked or undervalued by merchants. Users who complete a search on an ecommerce site are said to be up to 30% more likely to convert, which is something I’ve definitely seen with clients […]

5 tips to improve your ecommerce site with live chat

Did you know that 64% of consumers now expect live chat to be available via websites on their mobile devices? It’s true! And that’s just mobile, imagine what that figure must be for desktop. Live chat has rapidly increased in popularity in the past few years. Why? You may ask. Well it improves the customer’s […]