Team Nosto will be at E-Commerce Insights on June 7th!

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Interested in learning about the future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Virtual and Augmented Reality? If you’re in the ecommerce industry, we’ll guess that you’re dancing in your seat (or scratching your head) at the mere mention of these topics. Read on for some exciting news…


On June 7th 2018 in Utrecht, Netherlands, Nosto will be at the 9th edition of E-Commerce Insights, an initiative led by Guapa Commerce. We’re joining leading voices across the ecommerce ecosystem to discuss the latest trends and developments in AI, Machine Learning and Virtual + Augmented Reality. The day’s agenda is filled with insightful chats that address the most popular questions behind these topics – plus, actionable tips to empower ecommerce brands worldwide to form action plans across these technologies.

Whether you’re attending the event in real-time or doing some post-program homework on the speakers, there’s plenty of valuable information to digest. To help you prepare, here’s a look at the day’s lineup, which includes topics such as:

  • The link between VR / AI and (neuro-) marketing (Tim Zuidgeest, co founder of ST & T Research)
  • Self-learning systems for e-commerce (Wouter Weerkmap, COO at 904Labs)
  • How augmented reality can be applied in e-commerce (Jos Westerkamp – Marketing Manager at TWNKLS)
  • Unique combination of VR and Chatbot technology for Skoda Global (Nathan Coppens , Technology & Innovation Director at Digitas/ Joël Kremer, COO at Moyosa Media BV)

Our friends at dotmailer will also be in attendance: their discussion, titled “AI is the answer, but what is the question?”, covers how AI and machine learning are quickly revolutionizing the user experience – yet some brands are just not ready to embrace these advances. Skip Fidura, Digital and Client Service Director at dotmailer, will focus on the opportunities that AI provides and how to approach this technology strategically.

Nosto’s discussion-  “Trained for what?”, led by Fred Bergklo, Customer Success Manager (International) – will focus on how the context affects the results of algorithms. Most importantly, Fred will dive into why, as a retailer, you should care about this context in order to drive results. After all: a machine learning solution is only as successful as the data it obtains…



Want to attend E-Commerce Insights? Nosto is giving away 8 tickets (and one of them can be yours!)

Contact our team today to claim your ticket before they’re gone! And if you can’t make it too the event, have no fear: stay tuned to Nosto’s Twitter account for updates from our team.

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