The 8 Technologies Retailers Need to Create an Irresistible Customer Experience

As digital commerce continues to evolve, it has become more challenging than ever for retailers to stand out from their competition — and consumer expectations aren’t making it any easier for them.

In fact, 76% of consumers now expect retailers to understand their needs and expectations — but it doesn’t stop there. These shoppers also want unique experiences that not only deliver relevance, but also make shopping fun. They want visibility into every one of their interactions with your brand, in one unified and convenient place. They want the flexibility to shop on their terms. These are just a few of the many characteristics that make up the irresistible experiences shoppers look for before committing their time and money to your brand.

Delivering on this laundry list of expectations may sound intimidating, but a bit of strategy goes a long way.

To help retailers tackle the challenge head-on, we’ve joined forces with Magento and fellow Magento Premier Technology Partners Akeneo, DHL, dotdigital, PayPal, Temando, Vertex and Yotpo to create the ultimate customer experience strategy guide. This guide outlines the essential characteristics of an irresistible customer experience and the 8 technologies retailers need to implement them quickly and successfully.


The key elements of an irresistible customer experience

Each partner featured this guide — an expert in their area of customer experience — has revealed their most successful tips and best practices to transform the way retailers interact with their shoppers. Additionally, these technologies integrate seamlessly with Magento’s interface — which makes it easy for Magento-powered retailers to hit the ground running. Here’s a quick peak at the 8 key elements covered in the guide:

Customer engagement: Send relevant and personalized messages to customers wherever they are and whichever device they are using. (Chapter by dotdigital)

Omnichannel personalization: Enable the delivery of highly personalized offers by leveraging behavior-driven personalization, encouraging customers to shop across channels seamlessly. (Chapter by Nosto)

Product information management: Establish one source of product data for all touchpoints for efficient and relevant delivery of product content to every customer. (Chapter by Akeneo)

Flexible payments: Dramatically increase conversions by letting customers pay the way they want — minus undue complexity. (Chapter by PayPal)

Tax and compliance: Automate tax collection and data tracking to remain compliant and up-to-date with legislative changes. (Chapter by Vertex)

Delivery experience management: See what’s happening right now with shipments and deliveries made by all your shipping partners, giving customers visibility into their order status. (Chapter by Temando)

Smarter shipping partners: Choose a shipping partner that provides you and your customers automatic, real-time visibility into where packages are, everywhere your brand ships. (Chapter by DHL)

User-generated content: Implement user-generated content lets you step back and let your customers do the selling. (Chapter by Yotpo)

Each chapter is also complete with a detailed diagnostic, guiding you to ask the right questions about your business needs relative to each these technologies and helping you determine which ones best address those needs.

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