Three Lessons from Ecommerce Expo…

This week saw the much-awaited return of Ecommerce Expo. One of the biggest events in the ecommerce industry, it promised to bring together the best and the brightest for two days of lively discussion, shop talk and the odd spot of networking- all under one roof.

Of course, with an event such as this you hope to come away having learnt a thing or two. With this in mind, I asked my team to pen their thoughts on what they had taken from these two days. So here they are, the Nosto team learnings. I hope they are as interesting and useful to you as they were to us…

Patrick Obolgogiani aka “The Personalization Guru”


Business Development Manager, rock-climber and oil painter!

“One of the things I have taken from this conference is just how important cross-device consistency is. In Lynn Sutton’s presentation I was interested (although not that surprised) to learn that 86% of users research on their mobile before ultimately converting. The advent of the smartphone has changed many things- the way we communicate with each other, how able we are to avoid regular updates from our mothers and apparently, the way we shop. While we are still seeing the majority of conversion taking place on desktops, we know that sales are multi-touch and multi-device. For merchants, this means not having a mobile optimized store is no longer an option- not only will you be penalized by Google, undoing all of the good work you did to get to the top of the search listing, but, more importantly, you will be find yourself abandoned by shoppers who are doing their research on the go.

But it is no longer enough just to make sure they have a positive mobile experience- it needs to be consistent across the board. If a customer spends time on their phone looking at the items they like and building a wish list, only for all of this information to be lost when they go to your store via desktop, then you are making the journey less enjoyable for them and less likely to convert for you.”

Isaac Moshe


Marketing Director, meditator and enemy of the cluttered inbox!

“What did I learn? That the average person gets 151 emails a day! Horrifying right? If you’re like me then your inbox can be an overwhelming place (my top tip; Inbox Pause), and by the time you throw tweets, Facebook messages, whatsapps and texts into the mix- it’s a wonder that we get anything done at all! With so many competing messages vying for our attention, we have evolved to filter out that which is not of interest to us- either with literal electronic filters or with pre-conceived notions of what we do and don’t want to attend to. If you are going to have even the smallest chance of getting your emails opened over that of the competition then you need to put time and effort into your email communications.

Subject lines are the first thing people are going to see, make sure they are interesting and stand out from the crowd! It is always best to do your research on what generates the best open and click through rates in your vertical, but don’t rely on other people’s experiences alone – split test what you do to give you the best idea of what does and doesn’t work for you. Testing isn’t just about subject lines though – make sure to review your CTAs and test the optimal time and day to send your emails too!

Finally, don’t forget about personalization (a favourite topic of ours)- this is your best chance to differentiate. Dynamically tailor text to address the individual and then, if you really want to impact conversion and revenues add personalized product recommendations based on browsing and buying behavior.”


Rabia Qureshi


Business Development Manager, prolific online shopper and exteme sports enthusiast!

“Like, Patrick I also attended Lynn Sutton’s session and I was stunned to learn that 1 in every 4 minutes on mobile internet in the UK is spent on Facebook or Instagram. Mind boggling when you consider their competition is companies like Google! The lesson? It’s pretty simple really – as a company you have to be where the customers are. And the majority of online customers are, quite evidently, on social media – specifically Facebook and Instagram.

As a company we have noticed social becoming more and more of a hot topic amongst our customers. And it’s hardly surprising, with the social media giants recently shifting their focus towards the ecommerce world (buy buttons, native advertising and dynamic product level ads). How you choose to engage in the social world is up to you – it may be your advertising efforts, an engaging company account sharing great content, or, quite soon, the hosting of all your products within the Facebook ecosystem. My favourite example of social media done well is TeaPigs, a Nosto customer, they have an engaging voice with innovative and interesting social posts. As a result they enjoy a dedicated following – something that is important for the modern retailer- not only will help your brand images but also extend your advertising reach!” (If you want to read more about social and ecommerce, check out our recent blog).

So there we go… three stats and three lessons that we took away from an insightful and educational conference. And this is really just scratching the surface. What are your thoughts on these issues? What key take-aways did you get from the day?

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