Three Personalization Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Q4 More Successful

It’s official, autumn is in full swing. For most people this is the season to forget about your beach body worries and celebrate the return of the pumpkin spiced latte. But for the retailer all thoughts of hot-drinks and cosy evenings watching Netflix are quickly replaced by the fear that you haven’t done enough to prepare to for Q4.

Well, worry not. Because we have three quick and easy website personalization tips which will deliver you results quicker than you can say “Game of Throne marathon”. Expect better conversion rates, higher average order values and more engagement. Better renew that Netflix subscription after all…


1. Upsell your way to higher average order values

We all know that in this busy season every dollar, pound or yen counts to get you through what can be the quieter summer months. And where better to add a few extra items to your shopper’s basket then just before they check out?! Use the cart page to recommend low-cost items, such as accessories, that complement the pieces they are already about to buy. Or to achieve a similar goal add a “browsing history related” recommendation with a filter so that cheaper items that  they have already shown an interest in are highlighted.

Why focus on low-cost pieces? Well, mentally people are more open to adding last minute items if they are inexpensive- you don’t see supermarkets positioning their most expensive champagne next to the checkout do you? And while it may not sound like a Q4-changing tip,  remember, if you make 50,000 sales before Christmas and you manage to add one extra dollar, pound or yen to each of those sales… Well, the maths does itself.

Volcom offer complimentary pieces of a similiar size but compliment this with small, low-cost accessories that were previously viewed. Read more about their approach to personalization in the case study.


2. Improve customer retention by sending personalized triggered emails

Planning to email your customers to give your business a little holiday boost? Well I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only one. In fact, amongst the Festive e-cards and the email chains about what went on at the Christmas party there will also be thousands of other ecommerce merchants vying for the holiday affections of your database! To make sure your communications don’t go on the return to sender pile (along with that hideous hat from Aunt Mary) make sure to tailor them. In the same way that a handwritten envelope will pique someone’s interest so will a personalized email! In fact, personalized triggered emails* have been found to have an average click-through rate 10x higher than the industry standard- so don’t just give your emails a festive make-over but also include highly relevant products recommendations based on what they have previously browsed or bought and inspire return visits to your online store.

*As seen in retailers using Nosto’s triggered emails.

Melvin & Hamilton – Achieved $10.35 revenue per personalized email sent. Read the case study here.


3. Increase the ROI of your PPC campaign with landing page recommendations

Your credit card bill and cholesterol levels aren’t the only thing to go up during the holiday season, PPC budgets also hit the roof. Unfortunately for you, this means relevant traffic to your personalized website can cost a lot more. But don’t be too quick to increase your marketing spend, seasonal shopping sprees are for your customers, not for you. Instead concentrate on increasing ROI by adding landing page recommendations to your site. By showing what other shoppers using the same search term have gone on to buy you can create a easy and relevant path from search engine to checkout. Remember, you have paid money to get these buyers to your site so don’t let them get away now!

Flight Club employ search based software recommendations to make it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for and reduce the chance of them leaving the site.


So there you go- personalization, the gift that keeps on giving! What are you waiting for? Go forth, eat, drink and get personal!

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