Using MailChimp to Manage Customer Emails? Syncing These Emails Just Got Easier.

You’ve seen how powerful Onsite Pop-ups can be for collecting customer email addresses. But manually syncing these awesome new emails to your growing email list becomes harder to manage over time…

And when it comes to driving growth through personalization, there is no room for “manual”.

To begin automating this process, we’ve launched a new feature that enables MailChimp users to easily export the customer email addresses they’ve collected through Nosto’s Pop-ups, directly to their ESP. We call this speedy feature our MailChimp Connector.


So how speedy is “speedy?”

MailChimp Connector reduces the email sync process down to a matter of seconds. And the feature enables you to schedule how often you’d like emails exported (daily, weekly, or  a one-time batched export), so you can continue to collect emails through pop-ups without having to remember that extra (and very important) step.

Instead of writing a lengthy tutorial on how easily you can leverage email sync automation, check out the video below to learn how you can set up your email export to MailChimp in no time:




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