Weekly ecommerce round-up: IoT, conversational commerce & amazing abandoned cart emails!

Every week our Content Marketing Manager, Lottie Coltman, rounds up the hottest news and articles from the ecommerce world…

It’s Friday, the sun is shining (where I am at least) and, even if you had a horrible week, at least you’re not the poor guy being blamed for that mix up at the Oscars.

So, good times all round.

Let’s celebrate with some exciting ecommerce articles, shall we?!

Internet of Things set to see widespread adoption by 2019, with 49% of retailers now using it It feels like the last time we saw “widespread adoption” of anything, it was Pokémon Go at the hands of bored teenagers. Well, good news – because the retail world is apparently ready for a tech revolution of its own, in the form of IoT! Find out how brands are planning to embrace it.

Why adopt conversational commerce?
“Conversational commerce” is one of the hottest topics in ecommerce. We’ve had articles looking at what it is, how others are using it and even what can go wrong with it. But, sometimes, you need to strip things back and ask why it’s a hot topic in the first place. Which is exactly what this piece does – enjoy!

How to create an amazing abandoned cart email Abandoned cart emails are a staple in most brand toolkits nowadays – why would you just let shoppers walk away after all?! But (as my Grandma would say) if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Which is why I (and not my Grandma) have written this guide to give you a little help.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend.


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