Weekly ecommerce round-up: Chatbots, Facebook Messenger ads & the power of post-purchase emails!

Every week our Content Marketing Manager, Lottie Coltman, rounds up the hottest news and articles from the ecommerce world…

Every week I try to think of something interesting to start the weekly ecommerce round-up with. Today I Googled “Interesting facts about Friday”. Turns out there aren’t any. Unless any of you are avid sailors, in which case – did you know that, in maritime circles, it has long been considered unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday?!

Luckily for you, the articles I’ve gathered are much more interesting than my introduction so let’s move swiftly on and never speak of this again.

First of all, a Facebook messenger double-whammy:

13 Chatbots on Facebook Messenger, for Merchants Sometimes it is all well and good to hear about a trend, but what you really want to see it in action (true for everything except for “meggings”). Well, here we go! All that talk about chatbots, now you can see for yourself how others are using them and gather inspiration for your business. I particularly liked the curation element of ShelfJoy.

Facebook cautiously tests ads on Facebook Messenger Don’t want to use the Facebook messenger app to talk to your customers? How about to advertise to them instead? That’s right, there could be yet another social home for your ads, with Facebook running Messenger homepage tests – an attempt to tread the fine line between reaching customers in the most efficient way and not letting brands in to their personal space.

And in non-Facebook related news…

Post-Purchase Emails: How to Boost Retention and LTV The order is boxed and on its way to the customers. Job done, time for a drink – right?! Wrong. This is the time when many companies drop the digital ball but it is also one of the most important steps in the process. If you want that customer to come back, that is. Luckily, ConversionXL is here to show you the way with this piece on post-purchase emails.

Have a great weekend all!

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